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Started As Revenge But Going To End As A Date! The Husband Want’s To Date His Wife’s Sister! Check This Weird Tale!

Indeed every day we come across some weird people and their weird fantasies. However, this news will blow Your mind. A man shared his bizarre story with his wife.

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He asked his wife if he can propose her sister openly. The most shocking thing was that they were on their honeymoon.

In South America, a couple booked a five-week honeymoon after their wedding. However, such a long honeymoon is like a trip for a lifetime.

The ending of the honeymoon was too miserable. They experienced the most horrific things in the relationship.

The husband, Greyson Ferguson, got to know that his wife had been cheating on him. Even after the wedding through his sources.

Therefore he made up his mind to betray her in return. He said, “Needless to say, we were not in the best of places when the time to leave for our honeymoon came”.

The Timing!

He got to know this just before boarding. Therefore, he made his mind to travel alone. But he was also worried that the airlines might cancel his ticket.

However, he tried to save his relationship, but in return, the situations became out of control.

Greyson Ferguson felt like a very dark universe is engulfing him. Therefore he thought of some idea. He went to his wife and asked if he could date her sister.

In written, her wife answered, to her sister’s credit. If her sister is okay with it, then she would leave them alone.

They chose their paths separately as well. Although his marriage did not work, he would not mind going on a date with his wife’s sister.

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