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Megan Fox: Will Megan Fox dump Machine Gun Kelly to reunite with ex-husband, Brian Austin Green? Exclusive Details

Brian Austin Green,47 talked about ‘paths in life’. He feels that, there is possibility of getting back together with his ex Megan Fox.

Megan Fox to dump Machine Gun Kelly
Source: Page Six

In a live chat on IG, he admitted that their romantic “paths” could cross again on August 29.

The actor mentioned about the actress in the chat. “I never say never,” he said about getting back together with Megan. “You never know. I kinda feel like people are on paths in life and sometimes your paths are together and you travel that path together and you see eye to eye and then sometimes those paths do different things.”

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green: Their Timeline

Brian Austin Green Megan Fox
source: Instagram

Brian and Megan started their romantic relationship in 2004. Eventually, they got married in 2010. They were then blessed with children, Noah, 7, Bodhi, 6, and Journey, 4,.

Unfortunately they gave up on their marriage. Since then, both the parents have been seen spending time co-parenting their children. We tell you, it’s strictly co-parenting.

Brian went on to express about his beautiful 15 years of relationship with Megan and that how they were blessed with “three beautiful kids”. He also explained that right now they are not on the same paths.

“We shared a lot together and we really went through a lot together,” he said.

“So right now the paths are different and she is on her path doing what she feels she needs to be doing to be happy. He was clearly happy with how they still share so much love for their kids and they both are happy and responsible in their own personal life.

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The 47-year-old actor also wished for nothing, but good for ex wife Megan.

Megan's post on Machine Gun Kelly
source: Instagram

Megan on the other hand, recently revealed and confirmed her relationship with Machine Gun Kelly. On Aug. 5, the 34-year-old actress had shared an Instagram photo with Colson Baker — with the caption, “Achingly Beautiful Boy… My heart is yours.”

The fans noticed something fishy after a few hours of Megan’s post. Brian Austin, posted series of snapshots of their three younger children along with eldest son Kassius,18. He then wrote, “Achingly beautiful boys…… My heart is yours.” Brian was clearly dissing Megan!!

Brian Austin Green's post on their children
source: Instagram

No, it’s not what you think like. When their closed sources were interviewed regarding Brian’s point of view about Megan’s new relationship, they clearly said Brian was just goofing around. He has a great sense of humor, and that was just a light joke.

He respects Megan a lot and he would never shade Megan in a million years.
Brian also mentioned MGK in his latest live chat and admitted that he’s never met him and has nothing bad to say about.

Brian Austin Green
source: Instagram

He ended by saying “I really hope that he and Megan are happy because it’s important that she’s happy and it’s important that everyone is happy.”

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