The BBC Has Renewed ‘SAS Rogue Heroes’ For A Second Season

After the explosive ending of SAS Rogue Heroes, the BBC renewed Steven Knight’s show for a second season.

The news was shown at the end of tonight’s episode, which followed British Army officer David Stirling (Connor Swindells) as he tried to form the first special commando unit during World War II. The caption said, “To be continued.”

The radiotimes says that The new season will be filmed in 2023, and the story will pick up where tonight’s episode left off, with Paddy Mayne (Jack O’Connell), now in charge of the Rogue Heroes.

Knight said that he is “delighted” to be moving on to the next part of the story after “the roaring success” of season 1. “In the second season, the SAS will go to mainland Europe, and our heroes will be pushed to their limits,” he said.

Lindsay Salt, who is in charge of BBC dramas, said that the show has gotten “huge iPlayer numbers,” which is “a testament to Steven Knight’s incredible skill at making our history into modern, must-see TV.”

She went on to say, “BBC viewers have really taken to this series, and we’re thrilled to be working with Steven and Kudos to bring the exciting next chapter of the Rogue Heroes to life.”

Some of the other actors in SAS Rogue Heroes are Dominic West from “The Crown,” Sofia Boutella from “Kingsman,” Tom Glynn-Carney from “House of the Dragon,” and Theo Barklem-Biggs from “Cherry.”

Knight is best known for making Peaky Blinders. He has since moved on to This Town, a drama with Michelle Dockery from Downton Abbey and David Dawson from My Policeman.

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