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Redo of Healer : Why It’s The Most Controversial Anime?

The most compelling controversy in Winter 2021 comes from the anime show Redo of Healer, based on a Japanese novel written by Rui Tsukiyo.

Saruno is diagnosed with ‘special cardiac syndrome’. She has one year left to live due to this diagnosis and her parents are charmed out of their minds. One Western critic has criticized the show since its January 2021 release for a variety of reasons. But if you’re familiar with traditional revenge-themed dark fantasy anime, it’s not hard to see why Redo of Healer is considered the most controversial series of 2021 so far.

Released in January 2021, Redo of Healer follows the life of Keyaru, a healer who repeatedly travels back four years so he can avenge himself on those that wronged him.redo of healer

Why is The Show Redo of Healer So Controversial?

This article reflects only the opinions of the author, not those of Anime News Network. The uncensored version of Redo of Healer is in the Blu-ray/DVD release of Season 1, but viewers have had to resort to pirating it for now.

Is the Redo of Healer light novel and manga versions controversial?

Despite inquiries about the availability of the English version of Redo of Healer, no translation exists. We tried to publish the English version of Healer overseas, but it was refused by an overseas publisher. The situation may change if many requests reach overseas labels. Rui did not specify which version he was talking about, but it’s assumed that both the light novel and manga versions of this series have been rejected.

NerdyPanda Note: He may be referring to physical copies since Udon Entertainment is releasing a companion book for Berserk in English which includes some concept art from Golden Age Arc. Sentai Filmworks acquires the rights to an anime adaptation in English-speaking countries. Redo of Healer was released in December 2020, but the controversy around the series has been brewing for some time before its release.

ANN is a community that values discussion of difficult topics, but we will not tolerate posts that appear to take glee in the controversy that this show has caused or which promote trolling.

Redo of Healer Controversy Explained: Here’s Why It’s The Most Controversial Anime Show of 2021. This is a difficult question to answer. The problem with trying to merge such disparate elements into a single narrative result in some potentially confusing – and more importantly, less satisfying – plot mechanics.

What are your thoughts on the controversies about Redo of Healer? Do you agree or disagree with the critics so far? Let us know in the comments section below.

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