Real Steel 2 Release Date Status: Renewed or Cancelled? Check Here!

Hollywood is a never-say-never place for the eternal dreamers. I am all too aware of the dire need for a sequel to ‘Real Steel,’ the Robot–Rocky picture with a beating heart and a father-son bond at its center. 

It is under development, and that is all we have heard about the sequel for the greater part of this decade, which ends in less than two months.

Let’s face it, getting a sequel created in Hollywood isn’t nearly as difficult as it used to be, with franchises being developed left, right, and center. 

And with so many other films receiving sequels, I can only imagine how sad it must be for fans of the original film to be led on by promises, even more so now, nine years after the film’s initial release, when loud supporters continue to demand a sequel. 

That takes me back to the days of the film’s 2011 debut when it was a pleasant surprise for every one of us who entered the film with minimal hopes and out with a grin plastered over our faces.

The picture exceeded expectations, fusing future sci-fi, albeit in the shape of robot boxing, with a well-constructed plot, well-written characters, real emotion, and terrific music. 

Surprisingly, the one image from this film that has stayed with me is Hugh Jackman traveling across the country in his truck to sunset to the tune of Alexi Murdoch’s ‘All My Days’ playing. 

In remembrance of the same, I hope that the world conspires in favor of a ‘Real Steel’ sequel, but until then, here is what we know about the rumored sequel that has been in production for quite some time. Continue reading.

Real Steel 2 Release Date

It’s been a decade since Real Steel 1 debuted, yet the fan base has not collapsed in favor of its comeback. Having said that, Shawn Levy, the producer, has indicated that a series has been in development for three years.

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However, the goal is to create something that seems clean in terms of storyline and look from the standpoint of the characters. We have seldom discovered specific scripts that affect such measurements, yet Hugh and he departed at the same moment to approach the same place.

Similarly, he said that the series needed to be released quickly. Our best assumption is that Real Steel will make a triumphant comeback in late 2022 or early 2023. Assuming, of course, that the film is not delayed indefinitely and that we soon watch another fantastic film.

Real Steel 2 Plot

To begin, I will clarify that despite the passage of years, there has been no definitive denial of the possibility of a sequel. 

Nobody associated with the projects has indicated definitively that a sequel will not occur, with director Shawn Levy even noting that he and Jackman have been working on and waiting for a true sequel story since.

“For three and a half years, we’ve been discreetly preparing a sequel to ‘Real Steel.’ We’ve written some fantastic screenplays, but Hugh and I would only produce them if the story felt original. The character journeys felt fresh, which we’ve discovered but never simultaneously. 

It is continuing. I am aware that the clock is ticking. Strangely, for a film that fared well globally–it did good domestically–the hunger for ‘Real Steel’ remains quite unusual in terms of ardent fans always requesting another. 

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Hugh and I adore that film, and if we can crack it, we’re going to make it, but I have this feeling that we’d better get cracking quickly, or the audience may not be there in the same manner. Thus, we will see,” Levy said.

“We best make that happen soon” is the critical remark here, since although the picture has been a success so far, a single film series has all the potential for audience disinterest if a sequel is released after a decade.

Regarding the narrative, the first film, which took place in 2020, concluded with Max and Charlie reuniting as father and son, while Atom, who technically lost the battle, was declared the people’s champion. 

The film might take up after the real-world time gap since the original film’s release, given that it would make little sense to put the picture five years from then (2025), and also given that Jackman and Goyo’s characters Charlie and Max have matured greatly since then. 

What I’d want to witness is their friendship years later, with Max now a young adult, as the pair delves further into Atom’s world of robot boxing. Did I hear our boy Atom getting some edits here? Because it would be fantastic.

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