Qwabe Twins In Jail: Have They Been Caught?

The same twins In KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, Virginia, and Viggy Qwabe started the Afro-pop group Qwabe Twins. In 2019, the Qwabe Twins were on Idols South Africa’s 15th season. Virginia Qwabe was taken out of the competition after she and Uhuru sang “Khona” by Mafikizolo in the Top 5. Viggy left soon after her sister was taken out. Afrotaiment Records signed Q Twins to a record deal, and in 2020, their first studio album, also called Q Twins, came out. Their second studio album, Words of Hope (2022), came out at number three in South Africa.

Qwabe Twins in Jail: Have They Been Caught?

No, Qwabe Twins have not been arrested, as there has been no official word on the matter. Since there is no official news about the Qwabe Twins’ arrest, it is safe to assume that the idea that they are in jail is just a rumor. It was said that the Qwabe Twins spent the night with DJ Tira, which is not true, and that’s why they were arrested.

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Viggy says that they always write down what they want and won’t let men touch their bodies. Viggy says that they always write down what they want and won’t let men touch their bodies. After competing in the South African Idol talent show, the Qwabe twins became well-known and have since become some of the most in-demand entertainers in the country.

Others think Tira invested in something else, but when he saw how talented they were, he decided to help them with their music. Isolezwe is told by DJ Tira that he doesn’t care what other people think of him. People say a lot of bad things on social media, which you should ignore. Tira told you to live your life in a way that gives you more pleasure.

Relationship Timeline For The Qwabe Twins

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So far, Qwabe Twins hasn’t gone out with any guys. But the twins posted a video of themselves passionately kissing, which led to rumors that they were dating. But the twins made it clear that they were not going out together. The twins said that since they are both single and not married, they have no plans to start a family right away.

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The Qwabe twins are thinking about getting more than one wife so they won’t have to be apart for the rest of their lives. Most people thought the Qwabe twins were in a secret relationship after they were caught kissing. But when the Qwabe twins shared a private video of them kissing, they were criticized. Others said they were breaking the rules, while others didn’t see anything wrong with the video.

People who like and support the twins have said that they don’t see anything wrong with them kissing because girls do that all the time. This also made people wonder what their sexuality was like. But they denied being lesbians and said they were single and willing to marry many women so they wouldn’t have to live apart forever.

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