Who is Qin Lan Dating? Rumors That She is In Relationship Are True?


Qin Lan is making headlines all over the world as an actress and singer. She began her career in showbiz at 18 years old and amassed immense popularity, but she has forgotten to discuss personal matters with fans. China is not known for being very open about celebrities and their personal lives.

Apart from acting and modeling, Qin also sings. She was most famously known for her role as Empress Fu Qian in Story of Yanxi Palace. One of her other notable works includes actuating the character Zhihua in My Fair Princess III. She was also in the movie We Are All Alone. The actress is from Shenyang, located in Liaoning and she attended the Shenyang University of Technology after graduation from high school.

More than 20 years ago, Qin won a Golden Globe Award in the Advertisement Model Category of the National Nominate Newcomer Competition. Let’s take a look at some other aspects of her career – and life outside of show business. But first, you should get an update on what’s going on with Win in his personal life right now.

Qin Lan Dating

Qin Lang might be in a relationship with fellow actor Wang Hedi, who is 22 years old. The two have been spotted together outside of their work zone on multiple occasions and they are currently filming the new drama Rational Life together. This is the reason why people have allegedly started dating rumors about Qin Lan and Wang Hedi. In a series of pictures on Weibo, the two were seen together casually taking mirror selfies, which led many fans to start chatting heatedly about their potential relationship.

In the picture, Qin is dressed entirely in black. She is wearing a satin shirt with an open collar and paired it up with black denim shorts. On the other hand, we see Wang who perfectly sets his hair. He wraps his arm around her shoulder and they walk towards the camera. Qin is smiling as he wears a white shirt with black trousers and holds up a peace sign made with one hand. He has worn a black coat over top to complete the look.Qin Lan Dating

Their Relationship

Though her acting career is still going strong, for now, Qin has not yet officially retired; however, her agency keeps giving her opportunities to star in more TV drama series. Thus, Qin Lan has created a character along with Wang Hedi in the new drama called Life of the Rationalist. It appears as though their relationship is merely friendly rather than romantic. The new couple has talked about the age difference. But they look very good together in Qin’s shared Weibo photos such as her portfolio shoot pictures.

She is seen wearing a grey tank top paired up with fit medium blue washed denim shorts in these. In the pictures, she has set her hair to slight curls, and we can not help but be in awe of her beauty. It’s the light in her eyes that still shines bright. In some pictures, Qin flaunted her modeling skills by trying out different poses.

Occasionally, she presents herself in a serious model pose while she is smiling wide like a kid in other shots. Most of the comments on these posts were from fans admiring her beauty but there are some haters who made sarcastic remarks about how hard-headed and unprofessional Better for men that age to date someone younger is my opinion.

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