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Police Shoots A 13-Year-Old For Having Mental Breakdown! Is Police Really There For People’s Safety?

That’s what we are getting reports these days about, Police harming Innocent people. However, I present another such case in front of you today. A 13-year-old boy was shot by the unnamed police officer for his mental breakdown. This incident took place in the Salt Lake City. Reports says that the child was in a very critical condition when he was taken to the hospital.

It’s sad and downright brutal to see this. That the people who are there for the citizens’s safety are the one harming them. An innocent at that.

Police To Be Careless or Brutal?

The shot kid was an Autism patient and it’s okay for him to get violent and emotional at times.  Moreover, it was the kid’s mother who called the police to get help for his emotional breakdown. Being alone at the spot was proving tough for the mother to handle her son. Hence, she looked up at the police. Oblivious of what’s going to happen to her son and his condition.

Golda Barton confessed about how it happened. Furthermore, she said that it was her first day to her job after one year since she found out about her son’s Asperger Syndrome. Without his mother Linden Cameron,13, was finding it difficult on his own.

The mother confessed that she called up the police and asked his son to get treatment with the help of the crisis intervention team. Furthermore she also told the police that his son Lindon is unarmed and restless. He just needs someone attention on him all the time. And he starts screaming and yelling sometimes, he is harmless.

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So what exactly happened was when the police entered the house the kid got scared and started running. The mother was on the call when she hear the police being hyper on his son and soon followed by several gunshots. She didn’t even know that her son was alive or not.

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Victim’s mother lashed out on the police about how they are big men and couldn’t tackle down a little child. The police could have use the rubber bullets to calm him down. Did they really had to give him such serious injuries?

Investigations forwarded by the Sgt.!

However, looking forward on the chaos caused the police Sgt. addressed the situation the next morning in front of the media. Sgt. Keith Horrocks of Salt Lake City said in the conference that the kid was threatening the officers with a weapon. Whereas, the victim’s mother clearly mentioned that her son didn’t had any weapon on him.

Among all this whose case is true is not clear. But the investigation is going on and we hope that that the police serves the consequence of his deed. Linden’s injuries include damage to his shoulder, ankles, intestines, bladder and colon, as well as nerve damage, Mother told CNN.

The case is currently being handled by West Valley City Police Department and the police are going to be very precise about the investigation.

To make the investigation swift and smooth and truth is very important for everyone who is involved. The heads speak of the case and addressing the situation carefully. No matter what It’s a tragedy that should have been avoided. We pray that the 13-year-old is safe and sound and fight the injuries.

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