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mh, y, 56, Iran Executes A Man Whose Case Drew International Attention!! Here Are The Exclusive Details... - The Tech Education
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Iran Executes A Man Whose Case Drew International Attention!! Here Are The Exclusive Details…

The Iran Controversy!

Iran’s state TV has reported that the country’s authorities have executed a wrestler. A man who murdered a man after President Donald Trump asked for the 27-year-old condemned man’s life to be spared.


Source: usnews.com

Kazem Mousavi said on Saturday: “The retaliation sentence against Navid Afkari, the killer of Hassan Turkman, was carried out this morning in Adelabad prison in Shiraz.”

The Social Media Attention And Trump’s Tweets!

This case has drawn the attention of social media that the news is almost viral. The social media campaign portrayed Afkari and his brothers as victims targeted over participating in protests.

Moreover, the protests were against Iran’s Shiite theocracy in 2018. Afkari is also accused of stabbing a water supply company employee in the southern city of Shiraz.

Source: wwlp.com

Iran broadcast the wrestler’s televised confession last week. Subsequently, the segment resembled suspected coerced confessions aired in the Islamic Republic.

The case revived a demand inside the country for Iran to stop carrying out the death penalty. Even the imprisoned Iranian human rights lawyer herself nearly a month into a hunger strike over conditions at Tehran’s Evin prison.

Earlier, the U.S. president Donald also, tweeted out his own concern about Afkari’s case. He said in his tweet “To the leaders of Iran, I would greatly appreciate it if you would spare this young man’s life, and not execute him,”.

Iran responded to Trump’s tweet with a nearly 11-minute state TV package on Afkari. the package included the weeping parents of the slain water company employee, Hassan Torkaman. Moreover, it also, included footage of Afkari on the back of a motorbike. He  is saying he had stabbed Torkaman in the back, without explaining why he allegedly carried out the assault.

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Can you imagine the situation being so fearless? Is it happening without support? Of course not!

Also, Iran’s semiofficial Tasnim news agency dismissed Trump’s tweet in a feature story, saying that American sanctions have hurt Iranian hospitals amid the pandemic.


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