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Pulling A Plug On "Endless Wars", Trump To Announce The Withdrawal Of Troops From Afghanistan And Iraq - The Tech Education
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Pulling A Plug On “Endless Wars”, Trump To Announce The Withdrawal Of Troops From Afghanistan And Iraq

Donald Trump, on Wednesday to announce the withdrawal of additional troops from Afghanistan and Iraq. With this, the Trump administration has pulled up a plug On endless wars from its 2016 campaign.

Reducing the number steadily.

With the presidential elections coming Closer, Trump’s effort to secure his second term is in full swing.

The withdrawal of troops goes hand in hand with Trump’s previous pledge Of reducing the number of soldiers in both the war-torn countries.
Trump himself wishes to not keep the number of troops above 4000 in Afghanistan.

US defence secretary last month revealed, The number of troops in Afghanistan will be slashed Down less than 5000 in the coming months.

However, as in the case of Afghanistan, Us does not plan to leave Iraq completely. Gen. Kenneth F. McKenzie Jr., the head of the Pentagon’s Central Command last month mentioned that the US is expected to keep a long term presence in Iraq. This is to fight the remnants of the Islamic State extremist and prevent Iran from gaining a foothold in the country.

Trump pulls a plug up from 2016 campaign to secure the second term.

Securing the second term

Trump’ efforts are in full swing to secure his second term with the presidential elections nearing by. Trump has increased his anti-war rhetoric in

recent months. Moreover, with this announcement, Trump has tried to make good on his promise from his 2016 campaign of “endless wars”.



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