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Did Kanye West Really Peed On His Grammy Awards? Know How He Shocked His Fans On Twitter

It’s insulting for the music industry after what Kanye West did to his grammy awards. However, it’s shocking for the fans as well for making it so bizarre for them to accept what he did. The famous Rapper Kanye West recently posted a picture where he placed his grammy trophy inside the toilet and peed on it.

Why Kanye West Did This?

The reports say that he wants to get free from his contract with the group of Universal Music. It was shameful for all his fans after what he did to his trophies. The fans did not expect that such a famous artist could do an act like this. The report says that he did this to abuse the exploitive nature of recording contracts.

On his Twitter timeline, he said all the contracts between him and them. Kanye posted almost more than 100 tweets simultaneously. He tagged all the artist such as Taylor Swift, McCartney, Bono, and Drake as well to support him.

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Who Raised The Voice Against The Music Industry?

Kanye is not the only one who went to raise the question against the music industry to have recording rights. Prince, the American songwriter, did the same thing when he was alive. Rapper Jay z had to discuss over his music routine. Taylor Swift, on the other hand, had to re-record all of her catalogue songs. They all had to do this to get back their ownership in their music.

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On this Monday, Kanye discussed with his team and posted many tweets regarding the issue. Although back then, the media was the only reason for the death of Michael Jackson. The fans and all the people who came across his tweet found it very strange that Kanye west urinated on the Grammy award.

There will be more to come from Kanye West, but is that appropriate to do such thing and post it on social media? The fans will know the whole background of this cause soon.

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