Pachinko Possible Release Date & Confirmation in 2022!

Pachinko is a new series coming to Apple TV only. It will be stated in Korean, Japanese, and English. It is based on Min Jin Lee’s book of the same name.

“They say there are some projects that come along and alter the fundamental fabric of who you are as a director and a person,” series creator Soo Hugh said. Pachinko, without a doubt, is that project for me.

“This is not simply a narrative about my ancestors and mothers, but also an homage to them – to all of the ‘Sunjas’ seeded deep in our family’s past. It’s been a tremendous privilege to work with a devoted and talented cast and crew on this series.”

Pachinko Release Date

Apple TV+ has announced that Pachinko will debut internationally on Friday, March 25.

The first three episodes will be available on the show’s launch, with the remainder of the series published regularly. There will be eight episodes, with the conclusion scheduled for Friday, April 29.

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Pachinko Plot

According to Apple TV, Pachinko is grandiose in scale yet personal in tone. “The narrative starts with a forbidden love and culminates in a grand epic that spans Korea, Japan, and America to convey an amazing tale of war and peace, love and tragedy, victory and reckoning.”

Additional story information has been withheld for the series, although it is believed to follow the novel’s events closely.

Pachinko follows a Korean family as they relocate to Japan during its occupation of a then-unified Korea and subsequent engagement in World War II. Although the book opened in 1883, most of the plot takes place between 1910 and 1989.

Pachinko’s primary appeal is Lee’s deft interweaving of distinct characters inside this timeframe. Its central character is Sunja, whose poverty-stricken voyage to Japan uncovers a pervasive undertone of prejudice against Koreans in the nation. 

Her narrative is interwoven with that of Hansu, a mystery Korean businessman born into a wealthy Japanese family and a cast of Korean and Japanese characters.

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What follows is a multigenerational saga that The Guardian describes as a “rich monument to a people whom history seemed hell-bent on eradicating.”

Pachinko Cast

Soji Arai plays Mozasu, Jin Ha plays Solomon, Inji Jeong plays Yangjin, Minha Kim plays Sunja, Lee Minho plays Hansu, and Kaho Minami plays Etsuko.

Steve Sanghyun Noh portrays Isak, Anna Sawai portrays Naomi, Jun-woo Han portrays Yoseb, Eun Chae Jung portrays Young Kyunghee, Jimmi Simpson portrays Tom Andrews, Yu-na Jeon portrays young Sunja, and Youn Yuh Jung portrays adult Sunja.

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