Orange Is The New Black Season 8 Potential Premiere Date: Everything You Need To Know!

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There won’t be the eighth season of Orange Is the New Black. Why? Let’s research it today. But first, the focus of the show is Piper, who is behind bars after sending Alex money to buy cocaine. She undergoes a significant personal transformation in prison, which compels her to commit terrible acts. The show depicts many difficult situations. Things worsen when her ex-girlfriend turns up in jail.

Flashbacks to significant moments in the lives of various prisoners and prison staff are frequently featured in each episode. These flashbacks typically reveal how a criminal ended up in jail or provide additional background information on a character.

Why Won’t “Orange Is The New Black” Have A Season 8?

Unfortunately, there will be no more seasons of the show. After seven seasons, Orange Is the New Black came to an end. However, viewers should be relieved because the streaming service had previously stated that the show would not be renewed.

If you thought the show’s cancellation would be a big deal, it appears that things went much more smoothly than you might have expected. Jenji Kohan recently decided to end the show, and Netflix agreed.

“After seven seasons, it’s time to be released from prison,” says Kohan. I’ll miss all of the badass ladies of Litchfield as well as the incredible crew we’ve worked with. “My heart used to be orange, but it has faded to black.”

What Happened in OITNB’s First 7 Seasons?

Orange Is the New Black is not only Netflix’s most popular series, driving its fans insane with amazing, unique plots, but it is also the streaming service’s longest-running original series. The TV show debuted in 2013 and finished its seventh season in 2019. Orange Is the New Black has been a total hit, and many fans have it on repeat!

You can always watch the series again on Netflix. Let’s get into the series’ plot points. This series is based on the popular novel Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison by the same name. Piper Kerman wrote the book, but that doesn’t take anything away from the show.

The plot of Orange Is the New Black revolves around protagonist Piper Chapman, played by Taylor Schilling. Chapman is sentenced to fifteen months in prison and is transferred to Litchfield Penitentiary, a women’s minimum-security federal prison. As the story progresses, we see new characters appear, making the show truly unique and engaging.

Orange Is the New Black’s characters are so diverse that there is always something for everyone. Critics predicted that the show would fail to gain popularity because its characters were too diverse. They thought the show would be difficult to follow, but it proved them wrong!

Orange Is The New Black Had A Sad Ending

Cindy Holland, vice president of Netflix’s streaming platform, also expressed sadness at the end of Orange Is the New Black because they had to say goodbye to the incredible cast.

“We will be sad to say goodbye but we will definitely be going out on a high. We are grateful to Jenji Kohan and her groundbreaking vision; to her supremely talented team of writers and producers; and to a once-in-a-lifetime cast and crew for creating a truly special work of art that has inspired conversations and connected audiences around the world.”

Kevin Biggs, the CEO of Lionsgate Television Group, which produces OITNB, spoke about the show in general.

“Thanks to the brilliance of Jenji Kohan, the mastery of the creative and production team, the transcendent cast, and our tremendous partnership with Netflix, the series has surpassed our expectations year after year. With great pride, we are working together to bring this landmark series to a triumphant, satisfying close with the upcoming seventh season.”

Orange Is The New Black Is Worth Watching!

If you haven’t seen the show yet and want to know why to look no further. We have your back. With intriguing characters and a compelling flashback format, Orange Is the New Black is a sharp blend of black humor and emotional gravity. The female cast is the most diverse we’ve ever seen.

It gets high marks for being a female-centric series at a time when so much television still focuses on strong male characters, with female characters receiving little attention in terms of character growth or development. Even though the show is no longer on the air, it will live on in our hearts forever.

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In the Season 6 finale, Nicky Nichols marries Alex and Piper in front of Lorna Morello, Flaca Gonzales, and Cindy Hayes (“Be Free”). Shortly after, Piper is released, vowing to wait four years for Alex.

Where is season 8 Orange Is the New Black?

Since all previous seasons are on Netflix, we expect the same for season 8. Netflix is required to watch Orange Is the New Black.

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