One Punch Man: Season 2 Finale And Controversies And Season 3 Updates!


The season finale of One Punch Man was released and it left fans wanting more. The question on everyone’s mind was about the release date of the next season. Netflix has announced that Season 3 will be out in 2020. In addition to that, an official trailer was also released on YouTube.

 so there is a lot of uncertainty among the fans for a third season due to the ongoing pandemic in this year.

One Punch Man gained traction because it was a famous manga series before the screen adaptation. The Production team has asked the audience to get ready for more action-packed sequences in the upcoming season. The second season left the fans a little confused because of the way it ended.

Season 2 Finale

The finale was a huge success among anime fans, but it did not satisfy their need for more. The show ends in a cliffhanger but not as one would expect. Fans complained that it felt more like any other episode rather than a season finale. Netflix had hyped up the season finale after the failure to garner attention to the entire season. The delays in between production made fans lose interest, but Netflix managed to bring back its fan base with the promise of a banger of a season finale.

The finale ends with the return of the Elder Centipede who tries to intervene between the fight of Bang and Garou, but fails. Garou is taken away by the Monster Association while Saitama saves the day. Season 2 ends in a cliffhanger with no direction. Season 2 also failed to deliver in the sense that Saitama, the main character was deprived of screen time. The season closes leaving fans wondering whether Garou will join the Monster Association; and how the prophecy will play out in the new storyline.

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Controversies of Season 2 of One Punch Man

Season 2 of this famous anime sparked many controversies. Amongst them were the heroes namely Puri Puri Prisoner and Blackluster. They were meant to represent the gay and black community but ended up promoting harmful stereotypes. The gay prisoner and blackface charades were not taken well by the audience.

Multiple reasons were stated for the failure of season 2 in many aspects. One of them was the change of animation houses from Madhouse to J.C Staff which according to the viewers dropped the quality of scenes and the overall animation.The release of the the ninth episode was delayed by at least two months which highly disappointed fans because of how long they had to wait.

Season 3 is highly anticipated and will release later this year. Viewers hope it will be better than the last season.


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