June Shannon’s Daughter: Anna Cardwell Went From Not To Hot With Their Own Plastic Surgery Makeovers


It is not uncommon for people to get plastic surgery. Especially for celebrities and other popular figures. The process allows them to make themselves look better. For some, it makes them feel better about themselves. The result, however, is the same. The good looks allow popular figures to increase their popularity. Anna Cardwell is now making the news for her plastic surgery in March 2020.

Who Is Anna Cardwell?

Anna Cardwell is a member of the Shannon Family. The Shannon Family is well known for being on reality television. Anna Cardwell is the eldest daughter of Mama June (June Shannon). Thus, she was a regular on “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo“, which was the Shannon Family’s TV show.

Anna also appeared on the show “Mama June: From Not To Hot”. She lives with her boyfriend and two daughters overlooking a lake in Georgia. They live in a rented trailer which Anna describes as her dream home. Anna is also working at Walmart as an essential worker.

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Anna Cardwell: From Not To Hot

Much like her mother on “Mama June: From Not To Hot”, Anna Cardwell has undergone a major change. Her change, however, comes from the use of plastic surgery. The total procedure, though, is estimated to have cost her $47500. The changes include breast implants, teeth veneers, and ice blonde highlights. Cardwell shared the change on her Instagram. Fans were quick to point out her transformation, and her new amazing look.

Anna’s younger sister, Jessica Shannon also plastic surgery done with Anna. Combined, the two sisters spent over $120,000 on the changes. Whether its money well spent, is a different question. Both sisters do look stunning though. Jessica wants to use the changes to become a plus-size model. Anna, on the other hand, claims to have had her boyfriend in mind when getting the implants.

Anna Cardwell: More Surgeries?

It does not seem like Anna is done being operated on. Anna has told news outlets that she next wants to get rid of her love handles. While the previous surgery has certainly glammed her up, she also wants to get liposuction in a couple of years. The mother of two does deserve praise for her current work at Walmart during the pandemic where she is putting her life at risk.

For now, followers will continue to appreciate her new looks, and wait for the next change.


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