One Piece Chapter 1049: Release Date Status And Time, Spoilers, Raw Scan, And What To Expect

One Piece is one of the most popular Japanese manga series; Eiichiro Oda wrote and drew the manga, the first volume was released on July 22, 1997, and a total of 1049 chapters have been published to date.

One-piece is renowned and admired for its fantastic plot, art, characters, and comedy, as well as its thrilling battles. In addition to the main protagonists, secondary characters also contribute to the popularity of this manga.

The One-Piece manga series revolves around the character named Monkey. D. Luffy, a young kid who consumes a devil fruit by accident and gets rubber-like qualities. Who will be motivated by his boyhood hero, Luffy embarks on an adventure with his crew to realize his ambition of becoming the pirate king.

One Piece Chapter 1049: Release Date And Time

The release of Chapter 1049 of One Piece is scheduled for Sunday, May 15, 2022, at 12:00 a.m. JST. As you are undoubtedly aware, One Piece is serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump, with a new chapter appearing every Sunday.

Due to geographical differences, release dates and times may differ between countries.

  • Sunday, 9 a.m. Pacific Time
  • Sunday, 11 a.m. Central Time
  • Indian Time: 1 PM Sunday British Time: 5:00 p.m.

One Piece Chapter 1049 Spoilers:

Chapter 1049 is titled “The world we should strive to.” In the forthcoming chapter, the majority of readers will be able to see the origins of Kaido and Momonosuke’s breakthrough. In the opening moments of Chapter 1049, Kaido tells Luffy that he’s done a fine job with his life thus far. According to Kaido, Luffy is not yet powerful enough to defeat him.

The narrative appears to begin with a flashback of Kaido’s childhood in the Vodka Empire. His people and king proposed to sell him to the Marines, most likely. In exchange, they will receive a position for their nation on the Reverie. Kaido was observed in handcuffs and being brought away from the vodka, but he managed to escape. Kaido asks Luffy afterward what kind of world he desires.

In chapter 1049 of the manga One Piece, the conflict between Kaido and Luffy will reach its conclusion.

One Piece Chapter 1048 Recap

Luffy instructs Momonosuke to remove Onigashima from his path. Momonosuke is compelled to attempt. Kaido is prepared to counter Luffy’s attack head-on by transforming into a Flame Dragon torch and scorching Luffy’s hand.

Luffy recalls what Hyogoro instructed him and employs Bajrang Gun (a reference to Lord Hanuman from Indian mythology). His assault collides with Flame Bagua wielded by Kaido. Usopp attempts to prevent Kin’emon and the other samurais from drowning within the castle, as others applaud Luffy.

The scene shifts to the past, as Kawamatsu and its residents, are shown hurrying to the flower capital to defend Momonosuke.

Orochi informs Kaido about it, culminating in Kaido knocking down several samurai. Oden’s wife is said to be deceased, indicating the end of the Kozuki lineage.

The hero of Wano has died, and Kaido and Orochi have now confronted the daimyo and asked them to select whoever they desire to follow. They choose Oden. Kaido defeats all of them with ease. Orochi initiated the destruction of the nation.

He forced every young man to labor throughout the day. The factory poisoned the water, which led to the destruction of crops and a lack of potable water.

Orochi fed the residents of Ebisu town’s smiling fruit, causing them to always chuckle despite their hardship. Back in the present, Orochi is ready to assault Hiyori when Denjiro comes just in time to sever Orochi’s head off.

The residents of Onigashima are releasing skylights into the sky. One of their desires on them is to eliminate Orochi. They have inscribed “rescue us from this hell” on another lamp, referring to Kaido and Orochi’s oppression.

Now that Orochi is gone for good, it is time for Kaido, and Luffy prepares to tackle him once more.

One Piece 1049: Things to Anticipate

It is extremely probable that One Piece 1049 will pick up just where the last chapter left off, with Luffy and Kaido battling for dominance over the skies of Wano. With Luffy’s Gomu Gomu no Bajrang Gun and Kaido’s Flame Bagua fighting, only one will emerge victoriously, and it will be intriguing to see if it is the Yonko or the guy carrying Wano on his back at the moment. Importantly, One Piece 1049 will likely concentrate on Momonosuke and his mission to remove Wano from the path. Currently, there do not appear to be many remaining hurdles in Wano.

With Big Mom already defeated, Onigashima’s flames extinguished, and even Orochi dead, Kaido is the last remaining threat, and Onigashima must be relocated out of the way to kill him. Chapter 1049 of One Piece will presumably depict Momonosuke’s attempt to move the island away from Luffy’s route, which might prove to be quite a challenge. Momonosuke may either use physical force to move the island, or he can finally master his Devil Fruit talents and use them to make Flame Clouds and draw the island away.

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