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Quarantine, Shopping And Battle With Endometriosis!
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Olivia Culpo – Everything About Her Quarantine Experience, Her Summery Shopping And Battle With Endometriosis! – Here’s What She Has Been Upto!

This weekend witnessed Olivia Culpo being a Summery chic. This happened when Culpo was roaming and shopping around Los Angeles. The 28-year-old was not alone, although. She was joined by her sister Sofia. Both the sisters got out of the lockdown and went for a handbag shopping. Cliche.

The fashion model’s dark hair was let down in middle-parted Bob, and as usual, she was looking just amazing. She further donned herself into a sleeveless blouse that was flowy and was white and it looked amazing on her. She then tucked her top into a fashionable high, wasted ripped jeans and secured a leather belt around her waist that ultimately brought out her hourglass figure.


Meanwhile, her sister, who is not of less attraction to people flaunted her toned legs in black biker shorts. And how amazing did it look? Her shorts were matched with a cute, stylish black sweater, and a pair of stilettos was handled by both the sisters as they ranged around in their masks. And not only was her sister by her side, but she also had her little puppy named Oliver sprinkles whom she had adopted this July. Then the trio went to have dinner with some friends in Santa Monica under a rooftop setting.

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Olivia Battling With Endometriosis!

And then, very recently she revealed that she has endometriosis in an interview. Hence, rather than a laparoscopy, she is trying to do the holistic route as of now. She also spoke about how nervous she was to speak up about her condition. Because she felt people would not know about it, but then it shocked her to see how many women are there suffering from painful periods. The Miss Universe also said that it could get into the way of fertility. And this condition is certainly not normal.

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She also opened up about her days at quarantine and said there was a lot of things she Learned. Family and peace are one of the most important things these days. The model and the beautiful young lady is of just 28-years-olf, and she already has made so much difference in other people’s lives.

We look forward to her to rock the boat in future too.

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