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Handsome @Mahi7781" Sakshi Dhoni Reacts As CSK Came Back In Action ! - The Tech Education
How Handsome @Mahi7781" Sakshi Dhoni Reacts As CSK Came Back In Action !
Source :bollywoodshaadis.com
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“How Handsome @Mahi7781” Sakshi Dhoni Reacts As CSK Came Back In Action !

MS Dhoni returns in his form during the opening match of IPL2020 ending the wait of millions of fans around the World. Dhoni’s spouse Sakshi shares a photo on her Instagram story of Dhoni with a mic in hand after winning the toss and opponent was MI.

In the story, MS is looking fitter even after the quarantine in the toss, and his Biceps caught the attention of the Murali Karthik who was at present along with the Match referee. Dhoni is sporting a new beard style and Sakshi is also impressed with MS Dhoni new look.

How Handsome @Mahi7781" Sakshi Dhoni Reacts As CSK Came Back In Action !
Source :bollywoodshaadis.com

Tagging in her story, she wrote:” How Handsome”! Just after that CSK won the toss and chose to bowl first, Karthik asked Dhoni how he utilised the time away from cricket while the quarantine to which he replies that he had the liberty to spend time to keep himself fit.

“Have liberty during the lockdown to spend time on yourself to keep fit. Have to applaud every member of the squad for the utilising the time well,” MS says at the toss. At the same time, this quarantine takes the retirement from International ODI and T20 match retirement.

How Handsome @Mahi7781" Sakshi Dhoni Reacts As CSK Came Back In Action !
Source : timesnownews.com

This was his first match since he announced of his retirement on August 15 and he looked as sharp as before. While he didn’t have much to do with the bat, his bowing gets change, and fielding placement was spot on, and paid dividends thought the game.

And now its time to see how he performs in this IPL2020.

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