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n1, ez, q2b, f1h, 7n, xl, s0b, e7v, a, u, v, 7, fmq, 8, 90, h, 5n, Manchester United Dreamt To Line Up With Bale, Van Persie, Ronaldo And Rooney - The Tech Education

Manchester United Dreamt To Line Up With Bale, Van Persie, Ronaldo And Rooney

Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo were quite close to joining Manchester United in 2013. However, Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement sank the plan. United legend Patrice Evra made a revelation that Sir Alex wanted to re-sign Ronaldo, four years after he left for Real Madrid in a then-record £80million deal.

Red Devils boss, worked on trying to sign Gareth Bale from Tottenham at the same time. But then Alex – who had just won the Premier League title – was forced to conform to his players that he would retire soon.

United was hopeful of landing the pair, especially Ronaldo who was keen. They reckoned it would be a stunning attack as they combined with Robin van Persie and Wayne Rooney.

Former left-back Evra said on the U.T.D. The podcast he remembered that the media claimed Ferguson’s retirement.

Source: SUNTV

“And to be fair, when I speak with Cristiano, I ask him and he said yes to the boss, and was coming to join United. He told me this.”

As a result, Bale joined Ronaldo at Real Madrid in a world-record move. They won four Champions Leagues together with Los Blancos. David Moyeswalked in at Old Trafford and signed Marouane Fellaini instead.

Here is one way in which Manchester United could have lined up, according to us if Fergie decided to give it one another year.

Cristiano Ronaldo for Manchester United.

Ferguson was determined to sign Ronaldo in August 2003 after his performance for Sporting Lisbon against United. He made sure he got the Portuguese teenager to sign and took him under.

Ronaldo made 292 appearances in a United shirt, scoring 118 goals, before earning the move to the Bernabeu in 2009 where he kicked on to new levels, but it could have been very different if Ferguson had not retired.

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Gareth Bale for Manchester United.

Bale was unplayable for Tottenham Hotspurs in the 2012/13 season. He was destined for a mega-money move. The big question was where he would eventually decide to go? The Welshman scored 21/42 Premier League goals in the stellar campaign. He could have joined Manchester United instead of Madrid.

Source: Metro

David De Gea for Manchester United.

The Spanish stopper, De Gea arrived from Atletico Madrid in 2011 and underwent a tremulous start to his career in the P. League.

However, he won the title, after playing 28 times in the 2012/13 campaign. Which still the only league title of his career, even after seven long years.

Source: Sun

Antonio Valencia for Manchester United.

Valencia, Originally dealt as a right-winger from Wigan in 2009 moved back into the right-back role to replace Gary Neville.

He remained a centre in the side until his final season. An attacking full-back, he appeared only six times as a result of injuries.

Source: The Sun

Rio Ferdinand for Manchester United.

Including Everton, Four teams managed to concede fewer goals than United during their title-winning campaign of 2012/13. The tensed partnership of Nemanja Vidic and Ferdinand remained an unknown force for one more season right before both the players decided to leave.

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