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NPR Will Not Cover Trump’s Briefing: KUOW FM

The world is in bad shape as of now. The outbreak of coronavirus is the cause and it is because of its importunate side effects. WHO articulated the list of affected countries. China held first for several months now. At present, America tops the list followed by other European countries and also it looks worse than before.

Corona Makes America Worse

The hike in the rate of newly infected is noticed and so the dead. The contact with the infected is the reason for mass transmission. Hundreds of thousands are infected and cross a thousand in death rate till now. Hundreds of corona positive patients are admitted every day.  White House initialized the “Corona Task Force” early to discuss the relatable.

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Misinformation Through NPR: No More Live

KUOW Radio is one of the largest NPR (National Public Radio) station members of Seattle. It airs the live coverage of The American President- Donald Trump’s Briefing about coronavirus. KUOW makes sure that it will not carry Trump’s briefing live hereafter. Some news is misled. Also, there is no live coverage and this will avoid misinformation further.

KUOW made it official. The latest twitter post of KUOW affirms it. The latest news about Washington State will be updated. Updates from the Whit Huse will be shared. It is confirmed by another tweet. Also, Trump calls upon the strong travel advisory for the tri-state people.

Why This Happened?

The new decisions including all the officials seem pretty off the track. The quarantine will not be required said Mr.President. In the rise of the pandemic, social distancing still is our only shield of stopping the widespread. America is likely to break the code and this could make it even worse. Everything could fall apart if the plan misfires.

Also, NPR calls off the live coverage of the briefing. All of this is because of the false claim to the availability of tests, treatment, and cure.  This could create a complication in reducing the count and also in treating the patients. All we can do is hope for the recovery of America and nothing more.

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