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Facebook: A Community Hub For Messenger App To Fight Fake News On Coronavirus

Coronavirus has made situations rough all over the globe.

Almost the whole world is facing a complete lockdown right now,

anything unnecessary for survival is shut down

and will indeed stay that way until we all come up with a cure for it.

In this moment of urgency, A dumb fake news is all we need that claims

Chicken to be the causative agent of the virus.

This article hence focuses on Facebook’s community hub for messenger that

attempts to fight against such phoney outspread of the viral outbreak.




News today is just an attempt to draw your attention.

With the google policy that allows earning through articles and ads,

all some people need to do is draw your attention just enough

to get you to click and open the report, which in return will help

them earn money.


And what better way to draw your attention right now?

Corona is the headline of today and will stay there for a while

and with no full information on it,

It’s even easier to bait you with fake news to get you to

read an absolutely ‘full of nothing’ article.


Just like the fake news on Chicken, the internet right now is flooding

with such articles in almost all social platforms.

And to help fight such an enemy, FB has created with a community

hub, mainly targetting the messenger.




More than a billion people use Facebook

and in recent years, there has been an enormous rise in

the number of group calls and the time duration of them.

So, Facebook now is providing with the community hub which

offers tips, authoritative information, and other resources

to help people stay connected and informed about the coronavirus outbreak.


“Scammers may try to take advantage of people’s vulnerability and generosity during this time.

We take your safety seriously and continue to take aggressive steps to remove fake accounts

and catch scammers before they reach you” said Chudnovsky when explaining about the community hub.


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Make sure you don’t trust everything you hear on social media and even worse, share them with more people.

We are in a susceptible condition right now. Please be responsible and smart with it.



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