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Chrome OS: Google Resumes Its Chrome OS Update 1 Week After Halting Due To Coronavirus

The viral pandemic has pierced every armour of humanity.

No one would’ve ever known that a race so dominant

and one of its kind will face a possibility of extinction with a viral outbreak.

It’s almost unbelievable how Corona has completely shackled us

and further delayed each and everything.

This article will focus on the Google resumption of Chrome OS update

One week after its halt due to the Coronavirus.





Google had awkwardly been quiet for a minute

but it was somehow expected, and we all saw it coming.

Corona outbreak has left a hole in the skyscrapers of the coding community

and has even threatened to execute with a complete wipeout.

It hence created enough disruption to limit the virtual development of codes

and cause a temporary halt to the Chrome OS update.


But recently, Google finally decided to break its silence

and withdraw their halt from the chrome update.

They also added with very close monitoring of Chrome

to check its stability, security, and reliability before proceeding with the task.


The one week period of the halt seems to have

refocused and sparked the lights in Google,

as they plan on returning with some extra fireworks this time around.



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As google resumes its Chrome OS update,

it has also made it very clear that there will be new releases

added to the system.


M83 along with the previously planned M82 will be released this time around

with no cancellation at all.

Google was already very apologetic for the prior cancellations and looks

to settle its scores this time.


Though, very surprisingly according to Google

M83 will be released before M82 which is very unusual coming

from an official Google statement.

Especially because M82 has been in the discussion since long before M83

and to still delay it for another launch, is quite fascinating and

surprising at the same time.


According to Google, April will supposedly start with the launching of new

Chrome updates and end by mid- May.


This new framework is building a lot of hype around it and

it seems like Google will be in the spotlight all summer this year.


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