New York City Sheriffs Broke Up Many Underage New Year Celebrations

Women hold light balloons as people gather to celebrate the arrival of the new year during the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak in Wuhan, China December 31, 2020. REUTERS/Tingshu Wang - RC2EYK9IQ7H2

New York City Sheriffs Broke Up Many Underage New Year Celebrations

Party-goers pack into clubs in Wuhan to celebrate New Year's Eve as Brits  stuck at home

Organizers face a high price after three illicit New Year’s Eve parties have broken up for violating social isolation limits.

On Friday night, Cory James of CBS2 discovered that at least one of those places has been drawing crowds for months.

“To see an illegal club like this, and people making money!” James Bruni said.

The money was reportedly made in a SoHo penthouse on Prince Lane, a spot New York City Sheriff’s deputies claim they discovered 145 people partying and drinking beer in an unlawful New Year’s Eve bash.

But Bruni, who lives nearby, told CBS2 that the spot parties have been going on for two months.

Bruni said that there’s a bouncer on Thursday night. He’s taking the capital here. Kids are going upstairs, no goggles.

Bruni showed James photos of alleged partygoers waiting outside in November. Another photo shows the exchanging of money between a bouncer and those attempting to get in, according to Bruni.

“They are profiteering from this, okay? They’ve got a large space up there. They’ve got a roof terrace and they are throwing parties to make money. Make money, why? Because these kids have no place else to go,” Bruni said.

New York City Sheriff officials said the overcrowded illicit bottle club did not have a liquor license and violated health laws.

Three promoters also received a fine of $1,000 and the promoter was forced to pay $15,000.

Yet that wasn’t the only party bust. There were 311 reports on 46th Street in Brooklyn regarding the location of the gathering. Deputies said 80 people were dancing and smoking hookahs inside. The organizer gave two attendance passes for breaking the emergency order and encouraging people to assemble inside without face coverings, police said.
In Queens, more than 300 people were caught partying in a bar and lounge on 58th Street. The owner, his partner, and the DJ faced numerous citations and the bar was fined $15,000.

However, Bruni said he did not understand why organizers choose to hold illicit parties amid a pandemic and at a time when cases of COVID-19 are on the increase.

Bruni also said that they are giving a fake sense of security to the kids. They tell here’s an after-hour bar where you can come to, and you can break all the rules because it’s right in the middle of SoHo.




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