Never Have I Ever Season 4: Netflix Renewed It For Another Season?

Mindy Kaling’s great comedy show Never Have I Ever is back for its fourth and final season. We’re keeping track of everything you need to know about the last season of Never Have I Ever.

Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher made Never Have I Ever, which is a Netflix Original comedy show about coming of age. The show is loosely based on things Kaling did when she was younger.

Since Netflix started publishing its viewing statistics every week for the global top ten lists, the series has been watched around the world for more than 338 billion hours.

Never Have I Ever Season 4: Renewed Status

The fourth season of Never Has I Ever will air as planned in the summer of 2023.

When Will Netflix Get Season 4 Of Never Have I Ever?

The release date for the fourth and final season of Never Have I Ever has not yet been announced by Netflix.

What Can You Expect From Season 4 Of Never Have I Ever?

Devi, Ben, and Paxton are in their last year of high school, and the love triangle between them hasn’t gone away.

Devi let Ben know how she felt about him when she went to his house to cash in his “one free boink” coupon. Even though Paxton has graduated from high school and plans to go to college in Arizona, there may be one last chance for them to get back together.

Devi’s educational program in California almost made Paxton and Ben lose Devi for good, but she chose to stay because she wasn’t ready to leave home and say goodbye to her mother, Nalini, just yet.

There’s also the arrival of Ethan, a new hottie at school who’s sure to get all the girls’ attention, even if

Devi needs to get ready to make a lot of choices, like which of the two boys she wants to be with, what she wants to do with her education, and how she wants to treat her family and friends.

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