Monarca Season 3

Monarca Season 3 Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled?


‘Monarca,’ a Mexican drama television series, is about a family with a corporate empire. The series, created by Diego Gutiérrez, launched on Netflix on September 13, 2019. The drama centers on the Carranza family, who controls Monarca and its associated enterprises. 

Following Fausto Carranza’s demise, his three children compete to prove themselves worthy of becoming the company’s next president. 

The program delves into the corruption, controversy, and bloodshed that accompany the corporate elites of Mexico’s desire for power and control. Fans are left wanting more due to the high-octane drama and suspense. Are you curious about the series’ future? We’ve got your back!

Monarca Season 3 Release Date

Regrettably, Monarca season three has not been renewed. The Mexican drama premiered in September 2019 and was previously well-received. It reappeared once again in January 2021 with its second episode.

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Monarca Season 3 Plot

In season 2, Joaquin wriggles his way to the top, eventually becoming President of Monarca by pulling on some political threads while Jorge Laborde becomes Mexico’s new president. Joaquin’s first act is to terminate his siblings to seize complete business control. 

Sophia continues to investigate her father’s assassination, Augustin until it is discovered that Cecilia committed it. This, along with the fact that her husband cheated on her with Ana Maria, demonstrates that Sophia is not going away. 

While investigating her father’s murder, she also locates the guy hired to fake Martin’s abduction. Sophia exacts her retribution when Martin makes a public statement accusing Ana Maria of kidnapping him. Simultaneously, he releases his book, including all the Carranza family’s secrets.

Cecilia’s health deteriorates, and she is admitted to a facility for “care.” Her history haunts her as she continues to have hallucinations, culminating in her leap from the building. 

Concerning the Carranza siblings, a DNA test established that Joaquin is not the kid of Fausto Carranza. Ana Maria concludes the series by delivering the DNA test results to Joaquin.

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If a third season is created, it will focus on the interactions between the Carranza brothers as Joaquin discovers the truth about his parents. What does the future hold for Ana Maria now that she has been publicly implicated? 

Jonas Peralta files a sexual assault lawsuit against Ximena and Andres. While Andres and Ana Maria face criminal charges, would the DNA test have any bearing on their claims to Monarca? 

We have yet to learn if Cecelia survives the fall and the ramifications for her family. Season 4 will also explore the ramifications of Martin’s book on the family.

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