Dexter New Blood Season 2

Dexter: New Blood Season 2: Possible Confirmation & Renewal Status in 2022!


When one door shuts, another one opens, as the saying goes. Apparently, the writers of Dexter: New Blood have taken this to heart.

It took the serial murderer with a conscience an entire decade to realize that he had gotten away with killing for so long. The Dark Passenger’s cry was still ringing in his brain, even if he lived in the gorgeous village of Iron Lake.

The show’s fate may appear sealed, but Dexter has defied the odds before and may now find a way to continue in some new guise.

Have a hard time keeping up? There are no surprises in store for us in Season 2, so read on for all the details!

Dexter: New Blood Season 2 Release Date

If you saw the season finale, you’d believe the answer should be “no,” as Dexter – alias Jim Lindsay – died when his backstory was revealed.

Yes, Michael C Hall’s character has passed away after a confrontation with his son Harrison, who was notably portrayed by Hall.

To punish his father for not abiding by his own rules about who should and shouldn’t survive, Harrison turned a pistol on him after the unhappy pair connected over their common dark side and impulse to kill (“born in blood,” as Dexter himself would remark).

The net was closing in on Dexter regardless after Miami Metro’s Angel discovered his old blood-spatter analyst friend was still alive and well, and most likely the mystery Bay Harbour Butcher.

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Show organizers had already announced preparations for season two, despite the death of the protagonist. Information on what it would involve is provided here, even if it has not yet been approved.Dexter New Blood Season 2

Dexter: New Blood Cast

In the event that season two goes through (though no formal announcements have been made yet), the emphasis of New Blood will move to Harrison, Dexter’s son, played by Jack Alcott.

The adolescent son of a serial killer was last seen running from his father after he was shot to death. He was able to go on with his life after Angela Bishop (Julia Jones) accepted the responsibility for Dexter’s death after discovering Harrison with the body.

That being said, there is some dispute over Harrison’s future, as well as who will join the cast and what his father’s moral killer code has taught him. We are unaware of any living family members with whom he is related. He has the freedom to travel wherever he wants.

In the fourth season of the original Dexter, his mother died. Between the original series and New Blood, we found that Hannah, Dexter’s girlfriend who moved away with Harrison in search of a better life in the season 8 finale, died of cancer off-screen. Harrison only went looking for Dexter because of this.

Is his father now gone as well? The sky’s the limit for this severely disturbed youngster.

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Dexter: New Blood Plot

Clyde Phillips, the show’s showrunner, has stated publicly that he would be open to a second season, provided if Showtime in the United States gave them the go light.

It was announced in an interview with Deadline that Harrison will continue to play the lead role.

“Harrison is such a complicated character and he has within him the seeds of the dark passenger,” he told them. “He’s capable. Look at that takedown of Dexter in the end, what’s in Harrison is that he has to kill this man.”

“Also, Harrison brings a different perspective to the vigilantism of it all than Dexter did, which was kind of surprising to Dexter,” Phillips adds. “He brings this youthful, optimistic innocence, that he and his dad are basically Batman and Robin – ‘Think of every time we take out one of these bad guys how many lives we’re saving, that this bad person is not going to kill.’

“Dexter never thought of that. Dexter was only taking out bad guys because that was his code.”

Is there a way for Harrison to make good use of his “Dark Passenger” side?

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Dexter: New Blood Season 2 Trailer

Unfortunately, with no formal confirmation of a second season, we’re unlikely to see any new footage or a trailer in the near future.

Check back with us, and we’ll let you know as we learn more. For other information like this do visit

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