‘My 600-Lb Life’ Star Milla Clark Is One of the Series’ Success Story

When Milla Clark started on My 600-Lb Life, she was 751 pounds. In her update episode of Where Are They Now? the mother revealed she had lost the weight of three to four people during her journey.

Milla Clark has lost a total of 600lbs. Photos from late May show her trimming down and looking like a new woman. After sharing a series of selfies on Friday, Millie told followers that she needed to remind herself why she started her weight-loss journey in the first place and instructed them to get ready for an inspiring video that was coming next week.

Mila boasts the support of Dr. Now, whom she personally thanked in a July 2019 post.

Milla, who has had a lifelong struggle with her weight, shared some of the challenges she faced in an emotional Facebook post.

In her update episode, Milla confirmed that she had weight loss surgery and skin removal surgeries among other surgeries. Even so, she still managed to meet her goal of losing 596 pounds on the reality show, making it easier for her to stay focused.

I know the world tells me it should be 36 24 36, but I don’t mind being 46 34 48 at 50 years old. The reality star wrote before celebrating her birthday in June 2019. Milla also expressed how grateful she felt, writing “I’m SOOO thankful to God for keeping me around another year.”

After posting her weight loss and success story on social media, many followers in the comments left encouraging words. Dear Milla, I am still so happy for you! You have had such a remarkable journey.

my 600 lb life Milla Clark’s weight loss success see new photo She was eating a mango dragonfruit from Starbucks.

Reality stars have been compared to Hollywood celebrities for the amount of money they make.

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