Midnight Gospel Season 2

Midnight Gospel Season 2 Release Date: Renewed or Cancelled?


Based on co-creator Trussell’s podcast interviews, ‘The Midnight Gospel’ follows an interdimensional spacecaster on a surreal quest to interview numerous otherworldly species for his namesake space cast. 

The sci-fi animated series received high praise from reviewers for its intriguing idea, psychedelic feel, brilliant and colorful animation, and multi-layered characters.

Many compared the show’s tone and vibe to popular sci-fi shows like ‘Rick and Morty.’ After binge-watching the initial season, fans await word on when ‘The Midnight Gospel‘ season 2 will be released. It is all we currently know about it.

Midnight Gospel Season 2 Release Date

Normally, we would expect a Netflix series to release a new season around a year after the last one concluded. Given that The Midnight Gospel season 1 premiered in April 2020, the most logical release date for season 2 would be in the spring or summer of 2021. 

Regrettably, it may take even longer without formal confirmation of fresh episodes (if it even happens at all).

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To be sure, the streaming service, like every other studio, has been impacted by the COVID-19 epidemic. With that in mind, some delays are anticipated, but since The Midnight Gospel is an animated show, it should be simpler to work with coronavirus-related production constraints. 

It’s difficult to predict at this point since no information regarding when (or if) we may be able to return to the Chromatic Ribbon is available.

Midnight Gospel Season 2 Plot

The story follows Clancy, a wandering space-caster who owns a property plot on a strange levitating environment known as The Chromatic Ribbon. 

Clancy assumes several identities and navigates many worlds with the assistance of his computer and a vaginal-shaped simulator to conduct interviews with diverse cosmic species for his space cast. 

Due to Clancy’s recklessness, the Universe simulator breaks, causing havoc throughout the multiverse and culminating in an apocalypse.

Clancy meets a variety of creatures along the way, including a president of a zombie-infested world; a hippo who is attempting to revert to vegetarianism; a fish who sheds light on his previous life in prison and credits meditation for his survival; and a fierce warrior who preaches the value of forgiveness. 

The interviews change clancy’s life, and in the climax, he is forced to confront his concerns and question his existence.

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Season 2 may take up immediately after the conclusion of season 1. Clancy may attempt to make amends for all of the wrongs he has perpetrated throughout his voyage across the universe. 

We may anticipate him interviewing further animals who become his companions on his journey of self-discovery.

Midnight Gospel Season 2 Cast

Nothing has been verified yet, but we may anticipate hearing fresh voices over the forthcoming season. Clancy is joined in the series by a variety of guests.

There are reports that Supergirl actor Mehcad Brooks may join the season 2 cast, but none of this is confirmed until we get an official renewal announcement.

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