Starstruck Season 2

Starstruck Season 2: Possible Release Date on HBO MAX!


Season 2 of Starstruck will continue to follow Jessie (Rose Matafeo) as she deals with the fallout from her one-night affair with Hollywood star Tom Kapoor (Nikesh Patel), which upends her previously boring existence.

Throughout season one, Jessie and Tom can’t seem to stay away from one another, and they build a bond despite their very different origins and lives. 

Starstruck’s first season premieres on New Year’s Eve and concludes at Christmas, allowing viewers to watch how this unusual couple’s year unfolded.

Shane Allen, Director of Comedy at the BBC, stated ahead of the Season 2 premiere: “The first series of Starstruck was a breath of new air, and we can’t wait to see what Rose, Alice, and Nic have in store for Jessie and Tom in the second chapter of their journey.” Here is what we currently know.

Starstruck Season 2 Release Date

Starstruck is scheduled for release in 2022. To begin, the fundamental production parts of HBO’s Starstruck season two started in New Zealand. Additionally, the series will be photographed in Toronto, Canada.

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Additionally, season two has high expectations among the fan base; the storyline twists from the first season, together with the cast and production qualities, contributed to HBO renewing the series.

We’ll update this page as soon as the producers make an official statement on the second season’s release date.

Starstruck Plot

Two females smoke outside a club on New Year’s Eve before entering. The one is pleading with the other to come in and have a good time.

Jessie (Rose Matafeo) despises New Year’s Eve’s “forced good time” atmosphere, but her roommate and best friend Kate (Emma Sidi) is eager to enter the club and meet some guys.

She does just that, engaging in a drunken and tedious discussion about Bitcoin with some male. Jessie goes to the toilet, having had quite enough of the monotony and bursting with a drink.

She enters the men’s restroom to avoid waiting in line for the ladies. She assumes she is alone until a charming guy named Tom (Nikesh Patel) enters, and their chemistry is immediately apparent.

Then the chance to cross paths at a tavern. He reminds her of a former coworker. They make out throughout the cab ride back to his flat due to their deep connection. While laying on top of him, she requests his consent to have sex.

As she makes her way downstairs the next morning, she notices Tom’s face on a movie poster. He is revealed to be action film star Tom Kapoor; despite her profession in a theatre, she was unaware that night. She is first taken aback, but the two of them then have intercourse again.

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When she returns home, she views it mostly as a beautiful story to tell Kate. However, as she exits the cinema, she comes face to face with Tom, who was there to return a charger that was not even hers.

They make their way over to his residence and realize that the first night was not a drunken shindig. As a result, he asks her out; the next morning, she snoops about on his nightstand and uncovers photographs of Tom with what seems to be a lover, forcing her to abandon his apartment.

The paparazzi photograph her briefly before realizing she is the cleaning lady.

Starstruck Season 2 Expected Storyline

Starstruck Season Two’s plot is unknown at the moment. However, several other stories should involve the characters introduced in season one.

The second season will continue Jessie’s journey to define her own identity and position in the world while avoiding failing her family.

Additionally, Starstruck is a television comedy series that follows Jessie, a New Zealand-born wannabe actress. This program will fascinate you with its enticing millennial jokes, comedy, and gags.

The tale follows her as she attempts to achieve celebrity in Hollywood with the assistance of relatives and friends who are just as insane and dysfunctional as she is. Jessie was the central character in Starstruck’s first season.

She resides in London, but her apartment is too pricey. Jessie works two jobs to boost her money, but she gets lucky when something pleasant happens. Someone meets and falls in love with a celebrity throughout a single evening.

Reviewers lauded the first season’s plot, describing it as a “hot, wild New Zealander version of NBC’s 30 Rock.”

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