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American Auto Season 2 Confirmed At NBC, Release Date Status, Cast And All Other Updates Are Here!

Ana Gasteyer, Harriet Dyer, Jon Barinholtz, Humphrey Ker, Michael B. Washington, Tye White, and X Mayo star in the NBC television show American Auto. The story, set in Detroit, finds the corporate executives of Payne Motors at a crossroads: adapt to changing times or be sent to the scrapyard. Katherine Hastings (Gasteyer), the new CEO, is shaking things up, and her leadership, experience, and savvy are only slightly offset by her complete lack of knowledge about cars. Sadie (Dyer), the type-A head of communications; Dori (X Mayo), the sweet CEO’s assistant; Cyrus (Washinton), the Chief Producer Designer; Elliot (Ker), the Chief Sales Officer; Wesley (Barinholtz), the direct descendant of the company’s founder; and Jack (White), an assembly line worker are also employed by the company. Payne Motors’ crew is delivering laughs from the corporate office to the factory floor.

Is American Auto Season 2 Renewed or not?

American Auto Season 2 has officially renewed for Late 2022.

American Auto season 2 release date

The release Date of American Auto 2 has not been officially released.

American Auto Cast:

  • Ana Gasteyer As Katherine
  • Tye White As Jack
  • Jennifer Kenyon As Janine
  • Harriet Dyer As Sadie
  • Alexandra Siegel As Michelle
  • Alex Hyde-White As Board Member Bill
  • Christina Miller As Receptionist
  • Jon Barinholtz As Wesley
  • Elizabeth Hinkler As Chloe
  • Humphrey Ker
  • X Mayo
  • Lynn Andrews As Sierra
  • Chris Warner As Gary
  • Melanie Reif As Sharon
  • Chris Silcox
  • Phillip-Charlie Daniell As News Cameraman
  • T.K. Weaver As Brother
  • Clint Culp As Van Driver
  • Jen Kater As Kim
  • Christine Heneise As Gala Member
  • Nancy Stone As Grateful Woman
  • Goran Ivanovski As Bolvarian Ambassador
  • Isai Devine As Andre
  • Jannette Sepwa As Jeannette Watts
  • Bezhenar Andrey As Hunter
  • Atticus Batacan As 1st AD
  • Cory Patt As GALA Member
  • Michael Benjamin Washington As Cyrus
  • Aisha Lomax As Skeptical Analyst
  • Kenny Rhodes As Flummoxed Floyd

American Auto Detail:

TV Series: American Auto (2021)
Network: NBC
Main Stars: Ana Gasteyer, Tye White, Jennifer Kenyon
Genre: Comedy
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 13 December 2021 (NBC)
Season: 1
Episodes: 10
Also Known As: American Auto, American Auto Season 1, American Auto (2021), American Auto NBC

American Auto 2: Trailer

There is no trailer for American auto season 2 yet.

You can watch the season 1 trailer here:

Where to Watch

You can watch American Auto Streaming Online on Hulu. 


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