Melania Trump: The First Lady’s Speech At The RNC Slammed By ‘Morning Joe’ Host For Sheer Hypocrisy!

Melania Trump
Source: AP

Melania Trump delivered a speech at the Republican National Convention on August 25. And she is facing severe backlash and criticism for her speech during the event.

Melania Trump Criticized By ‘Morning Joe’ Host

The host of the show ‘Morning Joe’, Joe Scarborough heavily criticized Melania Trump’s speech at the Republican National Convention. As the first lady delivered a pro-republic speech in support of her husband President Donald Trump.

Melania Trump
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The First Lady’s speech was back lashed by Scarborough on quite a personal level. As she was labelled as a hypocrite who was okay with Trump’s way of governance. And what triggered Scarborough the most is that Melania went on praising Trump in spite of knowing every mistake he committed in terms of good governance.

And he went on saying that Melania’s speech was too shameless. Also the worse part was that she spoke about the coronavirus pandemic in the past tenses. Hence went on praising Trump and his government of handling the crisis quite well.

In spite of knowing the fact that they miserably failed to handle the pandemic crisis.

Moreover the First Lady also talked about the negativity on social media. And how many people are by targeting those people who slam Trump on social media.

And on this Scarborough said that Melania has no right to criticize meanness on social media. When her husband is mean to his citizens and doesn’t care about their plights.

Melania Trump
Source: Daily Mail

Scarborough added that it is really surprising to see that how can someone just spread lies so shamelessly. At least she should have addressed some of Trump’s failures.

But all she did was praising him for something which never happened.

 Her Speech

Well Melania began her speech by praising her husband for being an energetic and enthusiastic person who gives his best to serve his nation. As she went on speaking, she didn’t forget to mention about the ongoing pandemic that brought a drastic change in the lives of people.

Melania Trump
Source: AP

The First Lady thanked every citizen especially the front line workers who are risking their lives and doing their duty amidst this deadly pandemic. Also she assured that Trump will continue to work hard to ensure the safety of people until a cure is found.

But unfortunately she didn’t talk about how a bad governance by Trump and his official has actually worsened the situation. All she did was praise everything about the current governance. Thus showing utter hypocrisy.

In spite of knowing about the sheer failure of the Trump government in handling the pandemic crisis and also other problems like racism, mass shootings and many more, she kept on praising his governance.

And in the end Melania urged every eligible citizen to go out and vote. Therefore also added that America needs Trump’s leadership more than anything at this point. Because it is him and his government who can secure the future of all Americans.

Thus she asked every citizen to re elect Trump as the President.

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