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Robert Downey Jr: Robert Downey Junior celebrates 15 years of togetherness with wife Susan Downey. Their incredible journey will leave you awestruck!!

Robert Downey Jr., 55, wished wife Susan Nicole Downey, a very Happy 15th Anniversary on the 27th of August. The couple has been together since 2005.

Robert Downey Jr wishes wife Susan
source: Instagram

Robert Downey Jr shared a picture of their anniversary cake. It looks absolutely adorable! Well, wait till you read his caption. His caption shows his strong feelings for his wife.

His caption wrote, “Today I salute my Female emperor penguin partner who has laid a single egg twice and changed my life 3 times….Here’s to the next #15 seasons of repairing.”

Robert Downey Jr and wife Susan Nicole Downey
source: Instagram

Robert Downey Jr’s, Iron Man, co-star and reel life love interest, Gwyneth Paltrow showered her love for the duo. She commented on his picture, “My favorite love birds.”

Gwyneth Paltrow gushes with love
source: Instagram

Robert Downey Jr and Susan Nicole Downey: The Love Story:

The duo, first met on the sets of ‘Gothika’. Downey Jr states that his most memorable moment of the movie was, “romancing the producer.” The thriller Gothika was Levin’s first full credit producer job.

Robert Downey Jr, proposed to Susan, a night before her 30th birthday. Well, they got married later on August 27, 2005.

Susan was the Vice President of Production at Silver Pictures. Later, after the duo got married, they planned their own production firm named ‘Team Downey.’

Their love story is now 15 years old
source: Instagram

Robert Downey Jr was completely in love with Susan. Susan, at first did not show much interest. Later, she found about his drug abuse problems. She asked him to either pick his life together or she would leave. In an interview, with Harper’s Bazaar she said that, she gave Robert an ultimatum.

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Letting her go was not even an option. So, he threw his drug problems into the ocean to happily start a family with her.

2013 Daily Mail Article, credits his yoga, medication, therapy and sobriety programme, for his ‘phenomenal career momentum.’ Today, Robert Downey Jr. is the Richest ‘Avenger-Endgame’ star, who is worth $300 million.

His ‘1 eggs hatched twice’, perhaps refer to his two children Exton and Avri.

Robert Downey Jr with son Exton and Father
source: Instagram

Susan and Robert’s love story is not only romantic but powerful. He knew when he had to let go of some wrong habits, and choose his priorities in life. We wish the couple a very Happy Marriage Anniversary!

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