Youtuber Landon Clifford fought six days in coma but died saving others: Here’s The Exclusive Details

London Clifford

After Spending almost 6 days in a coma, London Clifford died due to his brain injury. Clifford’s wife Camryn revealed that her husband did not get himself out of the coma and died on August 13. Clifford was only 19 and there’s no report related to the cause of his death which had him Fatal Brain injury in his head. 

Clifford had a family of two daughters and a loving wife. In 2017 when he was 16 years old, they had a baby and named her Collette Briar Clifford. He created a YouTube channel called “Cam and Fam” where his family of four, posted about their life. 

Camryn Revealed About Landon’s Death On Instagram

Camryn Confirmed his death by sharing a post on Instagram this last Friday. She said in her post that he died taking his last breath on 13 August and he was the best dad and husband too that a family could wish for. She then said that his organs will be donated throughout the country. 

London Clifford

Cam & Fam

In their YouTube channel, they always tried to show their actual lifestyle. A few years later they welcomed their second daughter into their family and named her Delilah Briar Clifford, this May. Their channel was about how young parents go through with their lives how they managed to become a good parent. 

Their channel has over 1.3 Million Subscribers. The fans showed their gratitude by liking the post which was posted by Camryn, this last Friday. The post reached over 500,000 like and comments filled with fans who showed their love towards them.
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Camryn Mourns For Landon

Camryn posted on Instagram by saying that he died by saving other people’s lives and he was so kind and generous by doing this act. She then goes by saying that their daughter will never truly know him and how their father loved them.  She continued by saying that he was supposed to walk their daughter down the aisle and die peacefully with her when they get old.