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Meadow Walker Honours Paul Walker’s Memory With A Special Throwback Photo

Meadow and Paul Walker
Source: Instagram

Meadow Walker is keeping Paul Walker’s memory alive. This Saturday, Meadow shared a special memory of the two on the actor’s birthday anniversary.

The 21-year-old shares an old photograph of her and her father on her Instagram handle. The famous “Fast & Furious actor would have turned 47 on Sept. 12.

She captions the post “The moment I realized we are twins. Happy birthday to the most beautiful soul”. In the photo, we can see Walker with Meadow as a toddler sitting in his lap.

Meadow was just 15 weeks old when her father died. About a year before the car accident that took Walker’s life in 2013, Meadow moved to LA to live with him. She was brought up in Hawaii by her mother.

Walker and Meadow were extremely close because she is his only child.

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How Else Did Meadow Walker Pay Tribute To Her Late Father?

Meadow also paid tribute to him in another way.

She shared in another Instagram post that in honour of her dad’s birthday, she will proceed with the yearly “do good challenge,”. She adds “This year, I’m keeping it simple and close to my heart. I am so blessed to be in love with my best friends. Thank you Diva and Morgan for working on this project with me to capture a snippet of our friendships.”

She further says “My friendships are my foundation. they are my family.”

Meadow also nominates Walker’s ‘Fast & Furious’ co-stars, such as Vin Diesel, Jordana Brewster, Nathalie Emmanuel etc.

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What Does Walker’s Family Have To Say About The Father-Daughter Relationship?

Paul Walker and Meadow Walker
Source: Irish Mirror

His brother, Cody, reports to PEOPLE magazine in 2018 “He loved being a dad. He was so proud of her”.

Meadow’s mother, Cheryl, says Walker was proud to be a part of her life every day. She says that for one school dance, “He helped Meadow’s date pin on his boutonnière and drove them to the dance and picked them up.”

Now, Meadow oversees the ‘Paul Walker Foundation’ to carry forward her father’s dedication to philanthropy and his love for marine biology. In the foundation’s website, a statement reads “We are focused on his passions and dedicated to his legacy”.

It also states “He is always in our hearts and we are reminded daily to do good and live life like Paul. Paul’s passion for the ocean, a curious mind, and a spontaneous heart lives on in The Paul Walker Foundation.”

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