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Trump Voters Change Their Mind? -
Donald Trump
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What Made Former Trump Voters Change Their Mind?


Sickened Ex-Trump Voters
Source: South Asian News Portal

In a recent panel organised by the CNN network, six suburban white ladies who have voted for the President in the 2016 elections were invited. The women represented the kind of demographic that Trump did intent to impress with overly racist appeals.

The former ex-Trump voters had some really interesting things to say, primarily based on the fact that they won’t be voting for him this time around. They have also voiced their reasons for supporting former Vice President Joe Biden instead of the President and what made them change their mind.

Ex-Trump Voter Says That It Was “The Largest Mistake” Of My Life

One of the panellists, named Ann Kupitz, goes on to say that, “I believe it’s considered one of if not the largest mistake I’ve ever made in my life,”.

She further adds, “I really feel like voting for him helped kill over 100,000 People.”, referring to Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Ann Kupitz also points out the fact that there has been a defining moment which made her realize her mistake. She said, “The pandemic was when my eyes started to open,…And June 1st, when he set U.S. troops on peaceable protesters in Lafayette Sq., that was my cross-the-line second.”

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Election 2020
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“Sickened” By The Current State Of The GOP

Another panellist, Lori McCammon states that in all her life, she has voted for Republicans way more times than Democrats. She says that what disgusted her this time around is what had become of the GOP.

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“They aren’t Republicans,” she says. “They’re Trumpers. Period. We’ve lost the Republican Party ― it’s gone.”

Some Still Stand By The President

Three other women on the panel did speak in support of Trump and said they do not regret voting for him. They also reveal that they will continue to be on the President’s side.

While they did try to defend Trump, what is interesting is that they were not well aware of some crucial information related to Trump and had to be corrected by CNN’s Alisyn Camerota.

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