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h, 7, l0t, mm, t, Abigail Spencer Looks Uber Chic In An Olive Midi Dress While Running Errands Alone In LA -
Abigail Spencer
Source: Pinterest
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Abigail Spencer Looks Uber Chic In An Olive Midi Dress While Running Errands Alone In LA

Abigail Spencer
Source: Daily Mail

Abigail Spencer looks classy and chic while running errands on her own. She is flaunting a breezy Meghan Markle-inspired olive green dress.

On Wednesday, Spencer is seen talking on her phone in a belted dress, that enhanced her slim waist.

She completes her look with a pair of chic black sandals and a fringed suede purse on her shoulder.

The ‘Timeless‘ star accessorizes her effortless look with tortoiseshell sunglasses and her beautiful tresses.

Although Spencer had her face covered with a mask, she looked spirited and recovered from her broken wrist.

Abigail Spencer
Source: Instagram

In May, she had to undergo surgery after she attempted performing a back handspring for a coronavirus relief video.

Fans were able to see her pre-surgery antics as she documented them in her Instagram handle.

She humoured by captioning her Instagram story, “My arm is my new favourite prop,”.

Spencer shared a few short videos of her that playfully grooving to some songs in her pre-surgery cast.

Also, she shared several support messages sent to her by her close friends and family members.

When she and her friend arrived at the hospital, Spencer took to Instagram again. She showed how it looked like from a hospital waiting room amidst COVID-19.

She captions it, saying “It was just me [in the waiting room]…We all wore masks. Everyone was so careful and mindful. The staff was incredible.”

Spencer also admits that for her, the hardest part was the fact that she had to go through it alone. She did accept that having her fans and her loved ones with her in spirit mad her feel less lonely.

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Spencer Visited Meghan And Harry’s Montecito Neighbourhood

Abigail and Meghan
Source: Getty Images

Earlier in September, Spencer went to visit the Duke and Duchess’s Montecito neighbourhood. She had set up a flower shop pop-up for her brand new business, ‘County Line Florals‘.

In 2018, she also attended Meghan and Harry’s wedding in the UK.

Moreover, she was among the selected few who were invited to Meghan’s lavish baby shower in New York.

Spencer and Meghan bonded after meeting at an audition and then later on the set of ‘Suits’.

Spencer previously talked about how Markle ‘has incredible taste’ when it comes to fashion. She also said that Markle had a good influence on her and ‘fashion and taste’.

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