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Court Blocked Trump’s Order To Eliminate Undocumented Immigrants From Census Count

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A team of three federal judges on Thursday concludes that Trump’s order to exclude undocumented immigrants from the census for apportionment is unlawful. The judges have granted an injunction prohibiting the order. They also said that the damage caused by it could have last a decade.

Trump’s proposed action would have conflicted with the statute that orders that apportionment must be done on the basis of everyone who is a resident of America. It would also have potentially cost Texas about three seats in Congress.

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The ruling declared Trump’s memorandum as “an unlawful exercise of the authority granted to the President,”. It also blocked the Commerce Department and the Census Bureau from stating information about the number of undocumented immigrants in their reports to Trump.

It is highly likely that Trump’s administration will appeal to the Supreme Court.

Was Trump’s Proposal For Exclusion Of Undocumented Immigrants Based On Anything?

Donald Trump's
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Trump wants the exclusion because the U.S. Constitution does not define which people should constitute the census. But the judges ordered Wilbur Ross not to provide any information on the number of undocumented people in each state.

U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh has given the government three days to file all documents between mid-April and August 3rd.

What Resulted From The President’s Memorandum?

Also, several states, cities, and groups representing minority communities did question the memorandum.

The constitution mandates for a count to be conducted every ten years. The count should include everyone who resides in America. Because it determines the congressional representation from each state.

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Excluding the undocumented residents from the counts will likely lead to a profound change of political power throughout Texas.

Director of ACLU’s Voting Rights Project, Dale Ho, said “This is a huge victory for voting rights and for immigrants…President Trump has tried and failed yet again to weaponize the census against immigrant communities.”

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