Love Is Blind Season 4: All Updates Here That You Want To Know!

Love Is Blind Season 3 is just a memory. Five more couples came into our lives, had an intense courtship in a wickedly short amount of time, and then changed their lives. Some got married and others did not at all, and millions of people watched it all with rapt attention. It’s all over, and we want more, of course.

So, what’s up with Season 4 of Love Is Blind? Surely they aren’t going to cut off the power to the pods for good! How will people find love and a million Instagram followers any other way? We need Love Is Blind just like Andrew needs eye drops.

Love Is Blind is not an easy show to make, and it takes more than a year after the wedding to start a new season. Does that mean we have a long wait ahead of us, or has Netflix found a way to get us more Love Is Blind before the holiday season of 2023? Here’s what we know about the fourth season of Love Is Blind.

Love Is Blind Season 4: Release Date Details

The official date for Season 4 of Love Is Blind has not been set yet. The fourth season of Love Is Blind has been renewed for 2023.

Do We Really Need ‘love Is Blind’ Season 4?

As I look at how people reacted to the show’s end on social media, I see a lot of posts asking if we need more of this interesting but sad show. Over the past three seasons, people have found love (two get married per season, though not all of them work out), and pure love always wins.

But even if you don’t count the emotional struggles that about half of the contestants go through each season, the show seems likely to bring in viewers and spark conversations that range from helpful to harmful. Even when I heard that filming for the fourth season was already done, I thought, “Oh my God, another one?”

Everything we know about Love Is Blind season 4

Still, I’m going to keep watching (mostly because I’m afraid of missing out and it’s part of my job). When a couple connects in a real way, it gives off serotonin, which for a short time takes the edge off the drama.

Even though Twitter’s possible death might take away some of that fear of missing out (FOMO), I think most viewers will still keep watching, and I hope that many of them will feel sorry for the slow-moving train wrecks on screen.

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