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Actor Talks About His Eternal Love For This Actress! Click To Know Her Real Identity! - The Tech Education
Jim Carrey
Source: Daily Mail
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Jim Carrey: The ‘Liar Liar’ Actor Talks About His Eternal Love For This Actress! Click To Know Her Real Identity!

Jim Carrey has always been an actor who is always vocal about what he feels. And this time this Canadian actor his openly spoken about his eternal love!

Jim Carrey Talks About His Eternal Love

The Mask actor has always been quite open when it comes to sharing his views or opinions on something. Moreover Carrey has never been reluctant to talk about his personal life in public. And this time he revealed a major secret about his love life.

Jim Carrey
Source: Getty Images

Well in his semi-autobiographical book Carrey wrote about Actress Renee Zellweger being the eternal love of his life. He described about how she meant everything to him.

Although Carrey has had many relationships in the past. But in his biography he specially mentioned Renee as the woman he was in love with the most.

He referred to her as ‘great love of my life” in his biography ‘Memoirs and Misinformation.’

His Relationship With Renee Zellwegger

Carrey and Renee met way back in 1999. And it was in the set of a film they were starring together. They fell for each other within a very short time and began dating.

Jim Carrey
Source: Daily Mail

They were a very much talked about couple of their time. And were spotted together in several events. Carrey was deeply in love with the actress. But their romance were short lived because the couple reportedly split in 2000.

Before dating her he had been married twice. But maybe his relationship with Renee was one of his most special relationships. And that is why he mentioned about her in his semi autobiography.

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Both Carrey and Renee are reportedly not seeing anybody now. So there is a chance that this ex couple might think of a reconciliation. But for that we need to wait for her reaction on what he mentioned about her in his semi autobiography!

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