Line Of Duty Season 7 Premier Date: Is It Officially Renewed Or Not?

Lady of Heaven. Season 6 of “Line of Duty” was quite brutal, right? After 10 years on TV, the British show’s dramatic last episode revealed who H/the Fourth Man really was. The question is, did it? We’ll get to it in a bit, but first know that the show’s stratospheric rise reached its apex this year, with Deadline proclaiming it the highest-rated UK TV drama in 13 years. The growing pandemic caused a snag in filming Season 6, but that just made the show’s comeback that much more satisfying.

However, everything good eventually dies. Some of the cast members’ tearful Tweets throughout Season 6’s airings have fueled speculation that this may be the series’ final chapter as the show attempts to tie up loose ends from previous seasons. Because the OCG (Organized Crime Gang) still retains a tight grip on the police force, thanks to the highly corrupt senior officers who sit high above AC-12, the door was clearly left wide open for a comeback.

When can we expect new episodes of “Line of Duty”? What we know so far is as follows.

Line of Duty Season 7 Release Date:

We don’t know if or when Season 7 will be commissioned, but if it is, we’ll be waiting a while.

Due to a global pandemic that delayed filming, the first six seasons of Line of Duty aired in 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2019, and 2021. While March and April are primetime for the drama, there is no hard and fast rule about when it must air.

There is still a chance that Mercurio will be able to write and film the second season in time for a 2022 air date, but at this point, we expect Line of Duty to return in the spring of 2023.

Martin Compston said in an interview with ES Magazine that it would be a shame if he never got to work with his Line of Duty co-stars again, but that they desperately need a break: “The idea that I would never work with all the guys again together would be heartbreaking. But also with everything that’s just gone on this week, I think everybody, including the audience, needs a bit of time away from it. So we’ll see.”

What will happen in Line of Duty Season 7?

After the shocking reveal that Detective Superintendent Ian Buckells (Nigel Boyce) was H/the Fourth Man and worked for the OCG in the police force, it seemed like AC-12 had finally found the mysterious person they had been looking for. But that doesn’t mean that’s the end of the story. Buckells wasn’t in charge of all the corrupt officers, as he only helped them talk to each other and move some operations forward.

Philip Osborne, who has been “bent” since the show started, is still working directly against AC-12. In Season 6, Episode 5, he told a press conference that they do more harm than good. Given that the last few episodes seemed to be building up to the end of the show, killing Osborne would be a good way to wrap things up. Fans of the show already know that every season, the team investigates a different crooked officer, who is always played by a well-known guest star. Over the years, Lennie James, Keeley Hawes, Thandiwe Newton from “Westworld,” and Stephen Graham have all played different officers at the center of the show.

Marcus Thurwell, played by James Nesbitt, was briefly shown in Season 6 as a crooked retired officer who lived in Spain. Even though he was supposed to have died at the end of Season 6, many fans thought it was a lie, mostly because we never saw Thurwell in action. Could Thurwell be the one who causes Osborne to lose his job? We won’t know the truth until we hear that Season 7 is coming out.

In Line of Duty, who is returning for the upcoming Season 7? 

Although BBC Chief Content Officer Charlotte Moore has shown enthusiasm for discussing the future of “Line of Duty” with the show’s writer, the BBC has not yet announced whether or not Season 7 is in the works (via RadioTimes). “I want to congratulate Jed Mercurio and the rest of the actors and crew on creating such a fantastic drama series.” Finally, he said, “I look forward to talking with the team about where we go next and what the future of the series might be.”

Line Of Duty Season 7 Plot
Line Of Duty Season 7 Plot

If the program were to return, fans may expect to see Adrian Dubar, Martin Compston, and Vicky McClure reprise their roles as Ted Hastings, Steve Arnott, and Kate Fleming. Detective Inspector Arnott himself, Martin Compston, said in an interview with ES Magazine that the cast is uncertain if they would return but that he would be devastated if it was the end of the line for the program. What he meant by “I think what I would say, the two things I would say,” was that he would be “heartbroken” at the prospect of never working with “all the men” again in a single setting. “However, after this week’s events, I believe that everyone, including the viewers, deserves a break. And so, we shall see.”

Since Detective Chief Superintendent Patricia Carmichael, played by Anna Maxwell Martin, took over AC-12 after Hastings was forced to retire, her return in Season 7 of Line of Duty wouldn’t be out of the ordinary. What happens to the division after that switch in leadership?

Where to Watch Line of Duty Season 7?

You Can Watch All Seasons of line of Duty only on Prime Videos. If Season 7 Happened it will also premiere on prime video.

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