Lindsey Baum Cause Of Death: Where Were Lindsey’s Remains Found?

Lindsey Baum grew up in Tennessee in a place called Weakley County. She was said to be a nice girl with a sharp mind who loved to write. Joshua was Lindsey’s big brother.

Her mother, Melissa, decided to move to the small town of McCleary in Grays Harbor County, Washington, about two years before the incident.

She moved there with her children, and Melissa and her husband later got a divorce. Lindsey got along well in her new place and made friends quickly. Her sudden disappearance makes everyone stuns.

After her disappearance, people are curious about her disappearance and how she died. There are many questions speculating about her cause of death. To get to know all information regarding her death, read the full article.

How Did Lindsey Baum Disappear? How Did She Die?

Lindsey Baum

On June 26, 2009, Lindsey went with her friend to see if they could have a sleepover at her house. Lindsey started walking back home alone after the friend’s mother said no. At 9:15 p.m., neighbors saw her about halfway to her house. But Lindsey never got back. Around 9:45 p.m., Melissa called Lindsey’s friends and told them she was missing.

Lindsey was then looked for very hard, but no one could find her. Soon after, the government got involved, and volunteers looked for any sign of her. But it took many years for her family to find her.

In September 2017, hunters in Kittitas County, Washington, found a piece of a skull. The skull was sent to an FBI lab so that they could figure out what it was. In May 2018, Lindsey’s bones were found and confirmed to be hers. The police said that she had been killed, but they didn’t say more about what happened.

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Who Killed Her? Who Is The Culprit Behind This Incident?

After Lindsey went missing, the police tried many different things and looked into a lot of tips, but they didn’t find anything. In October 2009, they went to the house of a man who talked about Lindsey’s case all the time and who had been accused of sexual assault before.

But the police couldn’t find any proof that he had anything to do with Lindsey going missing. The case was talked about in the news, and Lindsey was on the cover of People Magazine. Melissa said, “I just know she’s out there waiting for us to find her… I just feel it.”

Even though the attention led to a lot of new ideas, there were no solid leads to follow up on. Many years later, in August 2017, the police in Seattle, Washington, arrested three older brothers for having child pornography.

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Also, Lindsey’s missing person poster was found at their house by the police. They looked into a possible link, but it also turned out to be a dead end.

Where Were Lindsey’s Remains Found?

Lindsey's Remains Found

In just a month, hunters found some of Lindsey’s bones in a remote wooded area. The place was out of the way, and the police said that hunters went there during hunting season.

The site was thoroughly searched for any possible clues, but nothing was found. The police didn’t say much about the case because it was still being looked into. Melissa hoped that the area would be searched again in 2020.

Melissa said, “I want to see something being done. I want to know if progress is being made. I want to know who murdered my 10-year-old little girl.”

But the police said that they wouldn’t search again unless they found new evidence. Since then, the case has not been solved.

In June 2021, a man was arrested in connection with a 2003 kidnapping and rape case. Any potential relation to Lindsey’s case is currently being investigated.

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