How Did Paul Kitching Died: What Really Happened To Him?

We are very sad to tell you that Paul Kitching, a Michelin-starred chef who was known throughout the culinary world, died suddenly. He was only 61 at the time. Paul Kitching, who was interested in classical cooking from a young age, died on December 14, 2022. This was a huge loss for the world of gastronomy and fine dining. Read this article more and more.

Who Is Paul Kitching?

Paul Kitching

He was a well-known chef at the 21212 Restaurant in Edinburgh. He started working as a chef when he was only eighteen years old. Before moving to York as a commis chef, Paul worked as a kitchen porter in an American Latin restaurant in Newcastle when he was seventeen. This is when he first got interested in cooking in the classical style. With hard work and skill, his career took off, and he worked at restaurants with Michelin stars, like Restaurant 74 and Gidleigh Park. Paul got his own star at age 30 when he opened his own restaurant, Juniper.

Paul also ran Juniper and was the host of several popular BBC cooking shows, such as Great British Menu and Great British Chefs. He also taught cooking classes all over the UK and wrote many cookbooks that are still used by chefs all over the world. His work helped him get a reputation as a creative person who could add new tastes to traditional British dishes without making them less appealing.

How Did Paul Kitching Died? What Was The Cause Of Paul’s Death?

Paul Kitching died early on Wednesday, December 14, 2022. His loved family members were all around him. Even though his friends and family showed him a lot of love and support, the cause of his death is still unknown. We can only hope that Paul found peace in his last moments before he left this world for a better one.

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