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Light the Night Season 4 Release Date Status: Renewed or Cancelled At Netflix?

Taiwanese TV show “Light the Night” is all about two women who run a Japanese-themed nightclub in Taipei that caters to wealthy businessmen. The show is set in the 1980s and shows how close Rose and Sue are to each other. Because their pasts and love lives are intertwined, there are some rifts between the two people.

The show, also known as “Blue Hour,” might seem soapy and slow-paced compared to other shows in the same genre, but the interesting murder mystery makes up for it. In addition to getting mostly good reviews from critics, it has a strong fan base that keeps growing. Since it first aired on November 26, 2021, the crime drama has had three seasons. So, if you want to know more about the possible fourth season, let us share all the information we have found!

Light the Night Recap

Sue’s death is the subject of the second chapter of the suspense thriller, which continues the investigation into her death. The origins of Rose and Sue’s connection are probed, as is a terrifying incident that occurs between the latter and Rose’s father. As the season progresses, Rose realizes that she is in a precarious position because every piece of evidence points to her as the suspected murderer of Sue. In the season 2 conclusion, Yaya expresses regret to Rose for accusing her of Sue’s murder, and the team of Light celebrates their achievement as a result of this.

A woman who appeared anxious about the probable death of another woman is discovered by Chiang Han in an audiotape that was discovered in the season’s last minutes. Later on, while he is getting ready to see Rose, he is struck by a vehicle. When the show returns for a third season, it will address a number of important subjects. To begin, we must determine whether or not Chiang Han is still alive. Furthermore, it is not known what the tape was about or who was behind the wheel of the car that struck Chiang Han and killed him. In addition to Chiang Han, who has previously been identified as a suspect in Sue’s murder, Wen-cheng has been keeping a careful eye on him. As a result, his accident has the potential to have a significant impact on the course of events.

Light the Night Season 4 Expected Release Date

Season 3 of “Light the Night” came out in its entirety on Netflix on March 18, 2022. The third season has eight episodes that each last between 46 and 55 minutes. All we know about the fourth round of the crime show. Netflix hasn’t made an official statement about whether or not the show will be renewed or canceled. It is known that Netflix usually gives a show at least a few months to get used to the format before deciding what to do with the next one. When we look at the ratings of the previous episodes of “Light the Night,” it is clear that many people love and enjoy the show.

This is what Ruby Lin (Rose) said in February 2022. She said that the show could come back for a fourth season if they came up with a good storyline, maybe even better than the first three. If the team decides to make a fourth season, it would be good to put it out at the same time as a movie spinoff. It looks like the mystery show will be renewed, which is good news for fans. In the next few months, Netflix might say that the show will be renewed. If that happens, we can expect the fourth season of “Light the Night” to come out sometime in Q2 2023.

Light the Night Season 4 Expected Cast

Ruby Lin is the star of the movie. She plays Rose, the manager of the nightclub Hikari. If the show is renewed for a fourth time, she is likely to return to her role. Cheryl Yang might keep playing Sue in flashback scenes. Sue owns Hikari and is best friends with Rose. Because Yo Yang (Pan Wen-cheng) is so important in the show, we can also expect to see him in the fourth round. Another cast member may also come back if “Light the Night” is made into a fourth season, but it’s not certain. Derek Chang (He Yu-en), Esther Liu (Li Shu-hua AKA Hana), Puff Kuo (Wang Ai-lien AKA Aiko), Cherry Hsieh (Chi Man-ju AKA Ah-chi), and Nikki Hsin-ying Hsieh (Ah-chi) are the people in this group (Huang Pai-he AKA Yuri). The fourth edition could also have new characters, so we can expect to see some new faces.

Light the Night Season 4
Light the Night Season 4

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Light the Night Season 4 Expected Plotline

Season 3 of “Light the Night” follows the investigation into Sue’s death, as the authorities who are in charge of the case dig deeper into the case and try to find out who killed her. A lot of secrets come out during the season. We see how each person deals with the truth in their own way. Being a murder mystery, the themes of confessions and investigation are always in the storey. There are also times when some characters go back in time. There are many people who try to protect their loved ones in the season finale. The truth finally comes out, and almost everyone does their best.

It might take a new direction if the fourth season gets made. The third season’s finale might have led to that. Ruby Lin also said that the writing team was interested in coming up with a better storyline for the possible fourth season in February 2022. In this case, they don’t want to just repeat another character’s death to keep the story going.