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Left For Dead: The Ashley Reeves Story | Sam Shelton Release Date Status

What Happened to Ashley Reeves: On April 27, 2006, Ashley Reeves, a well-known American crime victim, survived an attempt on her life by her teacher, Sam Shelton. We can answer your question about What Happened to Ashley Reeves. Learn more about Ashley Reeves, what happened to her, who she is, and other topics as you continue reading.

Ashley Reeves Bio?

Ashley Reeves’ hometown of Belleville, Illinois, in the United States, is where she was born in January 1983. She is 33 years old and a Capricorn by astrological sign. Her parents are Michelle Reeves and Tracy Green Koenig. Madison Koenig, her sister, and Daniel Koenig, her brother, are also family members. She finished her education there as well, going to elementary, secondary, and post-secondary institutions.

What Happen With Ashley Reeves?

17-year-old Ashley Reeves, a junior in high school, resided in Millstadt, Illinois, with her parents and little sister Casey. She had a lot of friends, was doing well in school, and even had a boyfriend named Jeremy who her parents admired. Ashley eagerly anticipated her graduation. Ashley had no idea that she would witness the unbelievable story a year before she was to walk down the aisle. In 2006, her teacher abandoned her in Belleville Park after torturing her to death.

Ashley Reeves Attacker?

When Reeves vanished in April 2006, Samson Shelton, a 26-year-old school teacher, was quickly the subject of suspicion. Reeves had his phone number in her phone and had told people they were dating. Shelton at first denied knowing Reeves was there and claimed their friendship was just that—a friendship. A different narrative quickly emerged, according to a 2017 investigation that spoke to both Reeves and the detectives working on the case.

Shelton went out to celebrate his successful assassination of Reeves. He was caught on camera line dancing that night at a nearby country music club, according to CBS News. Reeves’ middle school teacher, Shelton, groomed and took advantage of the high school junior when she tried to leave the toxic relationship.

Reeves’ refusal to comply with her curfew of 10 p.m. led law enforcement to focus their attention on Shelton. After a 12-hour police interrogation, he was allowed to stay. A judge would eventually release a video of the questioning. Shelton claimed that he choked Reeves after she refused to exit his car following an argument. When she attempted to end the abusive relationship, he allegedly assaulted her. Shelton admitted to police that he attempted to cover up the murder because he was shocked after hearing Reeves’ neck pop. Then, he led her into the woods, where he made an effort to conceal what he believed to be her corpse. He eventually directed law enforcement to the location where he had left her, where she had miraculously survived against all odds.

Shelton was released on bail and spent time at his mother’s house before attempting suicide by intentionally overdosing on antidepressants. When medics and sheriff’s deputies arrived to help him, Shelton allegedly became hostile, spitting on a deputy and kicking hospital staff who attempted to treat him.

‘Don’t save me,’ ‘Don’t resuscitate me,’ or something similar was written on his chest, according to emergency room staff, said Swansea Police Chief Steven Johnson in 2017. In 2007, Shelton admitted to trying to kill Ashley Reeves. At the time, his family claimed that they had only agreed to the plea deal in order to stop “the ongoing demonization of Sam.” After Shelton was imprisoned and as she was trying to recover from her tragedy, attempting to speak and walk once more, Reeves told The, “I just want to continue on with my life and not worry about it.”

Samon Shelton Current Situation?

He eventually accepted a plea bargain in 2007, which was approved by Ashley’s family and the district attorney’s office. This defendant was found guilty and received a 20-year prison term for attempted first-degree murder. When given the chance, he declined to appear in court or even to apologise to the victim. Shelton is still incarcerated at the Hill Correctional Center in Illinois, where he is serving a 20-year sentence. In 2024, he will be qualified for parole.

Left For Dead Premiere

“Left for Dead,” a new Lifetime film, is based on the case.

Based on the extraordinary true account of an ordinary adolescent girl who had to fight for her life three times—in the woods, the hospital, and ultimately in court—Left for Dead: The Ashley Reeves Story tells her story. Jennie Garth portrays Ashley’s mother, Michelle Reeves.

Left For Dead Trailer

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