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James Takes The Lakers To A Series Finale After A Decade!
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LeBron James Takes The Lakers To A Series Finale After A Decade. A Win For The Lakers?

The Los Angeles Lakers are going to the conference finale for the first time in a decade. And reports say it’s all a courtesy of LeBron James. That they have reached to a place where they have. They say it’s the ending of the drought after a decade. It is so strange what a man’s presence can do. How much change can it bring. LeBron is also going to the finale conference for the first time since 2018. It’s like a drought is ending for him too.

James scored 29 points and that’s how the Lakers wrapped up their game and qualified to go to the conference finale. The first trip to the Western Conference finals since 2010. By topping the Houston Rockets 119-96 on Saturday night in Game 5 at Walt Disney World. Too good to be true, isn’t it?

LeBron Make-Up The Lakers Again?

Furthermore, in an interview, James said that the reason he joined the Lakers was to bring them back to a place where they belong. He wanted to make them compete in the championship. the was his sole reason to join the Franchise. Some kind of a sportsman he is. Anyways, He further said that it is an honour for him to wear the purple and gold jersey and he intends to keep the legacy going on. Not only he, in fact, but the whole team also wants to keep the legacy of The Lakers alive.

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Kyle Kuzma scored 17 points, Markieff Morris had 16, Danny Green added 14 and Anthony Davis finished with 13 for the top-seeded Lakers. They will either play with the Los Angeles Clippers or the Denver Nuggets for the west title series that will begin after coming Wednesday.

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James is going for the eleventh time in his entire career. Six with Cleveland, four with Miami and now with the Lakers. One season he missed because he got himself injured and that’s how the Lakers fell apart.

“The opportunity to play for a championship, that’s what we’re all here for, that’s what we all signed up for,” James said. It’s so good for the Lakers fan to come back with a bang. The week was tough for the rockets and so for the Lakers. We hope that the players get a little relief and their future game go as per they have planned.



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