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Naomi Osaka Wins Second US Open Title Against Victoria Azarenka!

Japan’s Naomi Osaka beats Victoria Azarenka and grabs her place at the third Grand Slam title. So, you see Naomi is known for her humorous and bubbly character. She never misses a chance to leave a little sparkle everywhere she goes. And so too after the exhausting and tiring match, she did not forget to joke a little with Victoria.

Osaka after the long match of the duration 1hr 53min and 1-6, 6-3, 6-3 win against the Belarusian, joked that she did not want to play more finals with Azarenka. People were surprised to see how she acted. It was like she does whatever her heart wants and says the same. She truly has a refreshing personality.

Osaka and Azarenka
Source: The Indian Express

However, the battle between both the ladies of the sport was expected to be a tough one, and it surely didn’t disappoint the audience and the authorities. Actually, in reality, the Western & Southern Open final match was supposed to be held two weeks ago. But it was reported that Naomi suffered from a hamstring injury and the authorities had to postpone it. And now they got to play at the even bigger stage – The Flushing Meadows.

Osaka and her victory!

Azarenka was no less at all. She started the match on a very high note and dragged Osaka through it in the first set. But, it seemed that Naomi now knew how to fight back and she turned the table another way around. Azarenka then started to raise her spirits, but Naomi already had the game backed up. And hence she claimed her second US Open trophy and a third Grand Slam title.

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That woman got a heart of gold. Azarenka when congratulated her on her victory, she shook her hand. But when she went up on the stage and got the mike, she again joked that she wouldn’t want to play a match with Azarenka in future anymore.

Osaka and Azarenka
Source: ClutchPoints

But then being the kind person she is she came back to reality and extended her gratefulness to her opponent. Osaka said she had always seen Azarenka playing when she was younger and always wanted to be like her. The winner was deeply honoured when she got to play with Azarenka and has learned a lot from her. She said a ‘thank you’ to her opponent, and the match ended in a beautiful note.

We extend all our happy wishes to the player for her victory and Azarenka for being so graceful.


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