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US Open Title Goes To Naomi Osaka

Osaka won against Azarenka in the US Open 2020. And this is her second time winning the title.

The Win

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On Saturday, Naomi Osaka emerged victorious against Victoria Azarenka for the scoreboard 1-6, 6-3, 6-3.

The start for Osaka was not great as you can obviously see, but she turned around the game sooner than anyone could have thought. This is Osaka’s third Grand Slam title.

Azarenka was great at. First, she gave tough competition to Osaka, she purely dominated the first set. But midway through the game, everything changed, Osaka played fiercely in the set and maintained that through the next set too.

That got her, her second US Open trophy and third Grand Slam title.

Funny Osaka

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Osaka always had a funny side to her, so when Azarenka congratulated her and said that she hopes that they can meet in some other finals, Osaka replied funnily,

“Actually don’t want to play you in any more finals. I didn’t really enjoy that. It was a really tough match for me,”

But she was soon to admit that it was really inspiring to play with Azarenka.

There was another humorous answer given by Osaka when asked why she went and laid down on the floor after the match was over, Osaka just replied,

“I always see everyone collapse after match point, but I always think ‘you may injure yourself,’ so I wanted to do it safely.”

Naomi Osaka is indeed a funny person!

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