Laura Dern Plastic Surgery Images Before And After: What Kind Of Surgery She Takes!

Laura Dern has been on the big and small screens for what seems like an eternity, but after more than 40 years in the business, we think the actress looks pretty damn good at 52.

With the return of Big Little Lies, fans are wondering if she’s turned to plastic surgery to achieve her flawless appearance. Distractify spoke with a top plastic surgeon who has not worked directly with Laura to see if he believes she has undergone surgery during her time in Hollywood. Continue reading to find out what he revealed!

Laura Dern Plastic Surgery Images Before And After

laura dern plastic surgery
laura dern’s plastic surgery

Anyone who has seen Jurassic World Dominion will notice something out of the ordinary on Laura Dern’s face.

Yes, I, too, am guessing plastic surgery. There’s no other way to put it. For the time being, anyway.

Laura Dern, have you had botox?

Her face appears swollen. This is usually the result of botox injections. Laura isn’t getting any younger, so this could be her way of reducing lines and wrinkles.

She may have overdone the fillers and not allowed enough time for them to settle. That is most likely why we are seeing the puffy face.

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Does Laura Dern have a new lift?

Recently, Laura’s face has appeared much smoother.

Her cheeks and the area around her jawline appear to be more taut. Therefore, I believe a facelift is highly likely. How are you doing?

Laura, did you have a nose job?

I have my doubts. Laura has a distinct nose shape, and you can tell if it has been altered. She didn’t get a nose job.

Did Laura Dern get her teeth whitened?

There isn’t much going on here. Laura had a few pointed teeth when she was younger that have remained the same. She could benefit from some teeth whitening, but that’s about it.

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55 years old on February 10, 1967

In an earlier interview with Vanity Fair, Witherspoon referred to Dern as her “sister.” “You know, you meet people, you make friends with people, but I say about a few women in my life, they are my sisters,” she explained. I don’t have a sister, so Laura became my sister.

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