Is Season 2 Of Delhi Crime Based On True Event? Real Vs Reel Kachcha Baniyan Gang?

The fact that the renowned Netflix series Delhi Crime is based on the notorious 2012 Nirbhaya Gang Rape case is one of the show’s most remarkable features. Although the second season is less faithful to the truth than the first, it is nonetheless significantly influenced by historical events and the legendary Kachcha Baniyan gangs.

Now the question is:

Is season 2 of Delhi Crime based on actual events?

The answer is “kind of” yes.

At first inspection, it appears that the Kachcha Baniyan gangs are responsible for the quadruple murder that begins the season’s plot. These gangs are very much alive and well in the present day; they are notorious for attacking, robbing, and occasionally killing residents while wearing just their undergarments. Crimes committed in the show had all the markings of the gang, despite the fact that they haven’t operated in Delhi since the 1990s.

Copycat assassins, who capitalize on the notoriety of the gangs in order to increase public fear and create space for themselves, actually intend to achieve this very thing. However, there are also some similarities. The ringleader of the gang in this case took advantage of her position as a beautician in a parlor to identify the most likely victims of a robbery, in contrast to the common practice of gang members disguising themselves as beggars or laborers.

For this season, then, rather than simply dramatizing a case, the show is instead drawing on real-world events to construct a fresh plot. The cultural setting in which the Kachcha Baniyan gangs operate is recognizable, as is the public’s opinion of them and their prejudice against members of Denotified Tribes (DNTs), as portrayed in the show.

Why The Name ‘Kachha Baniyan’?

The gang got its name from the way its members dressed when they committed crimes including theft and murder. Some Indian criminal organizations continue to operate without a clear head honcho.

Gang members frequently launch attacks while clad just in their undergarments. In addition to covering their faces with masks, they slathered themselves in oil and grease in case they were ever apprehended.

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