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Kyle Brandt Reveals His Thoughts On Russell Wilson As A Bronco

“Good Morning Football” host Kyle Brandt poked fun at Russell Wilson’s wife Ciara during his roast of the Broncos quarterback following the Broncos’ 12-9 overtime loss to the Colts on “Thursday Night Football.”

Brandt went on an explosive rant about Wilson on the NFL Network show on Friday and later questioned why Wilson and Ciara “think [they’re] that cool and famous” at red-carpet events.

“I believe Russell Wilson is one of the least authentic personalities in the league,” Brandt said. “I believe Russell Wilson is a phony. That does not make him a bad person in my opinion; rather, it makes him a good person. I believe he tries to be someone he is not.

“When you make $245 million, you’ve got to be either a great guy with a locker room that loves you or an amazing player,” Brandt continued, before naming other top quarterbacks he believes can pull it off.

“[Tom] Brady, who earns half as much as Russell, is both. MVP: [Aaron] Rodgers Both Patrick Mahomes. People adore [Josh] Allen; he’s incredible. We’ll find out, Kyler [Murray].”

When it comes to Wilson, the Broncos fan base has “no history or allegiance,” according to Brandt.

The analyst then slammed Wilson and Ciara for their apparent rude demeanor on the NFL Honors red carpet in February.

“I worked the NFL Honors, I worked the red carpet. [Travis] Kelce comes by, Rodgers comes by, Russell Wilson shows up with his sunglasses and his wife, and I think they think they’re Jay-Z and Beyonce and they will literally put their hand up and say ‘No, we’re not talking,’” Brandt recalled.

“Why? Because you think you’re that cool and you’re that famous and you’re that amazing and everything is so perfect. That does not work in the locker room unless you’re really good or a really, really good guy. It just doesn’t work.”

Brandt started his tirade by criticizing Wilson’s choice on the last play of the game. When the game was on the line, Wilson missed a wide-open KJ Hamler and instead threw an incomplete pass to wide receiver Courtland Sutton.

Hamler was very angry after the Broncos lost in overtime and fell to a record of 2-3. He slammed his helmet on the ground to show his anger.

“I could have walked in,” Hamler said after the game what he thought about the last play.

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